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Zap for Google Analytics V4

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Hi, @nastyakamel 

I’ve added both of your votes for this feature request, and we’ll notify you via email once available. Thanks!

Could you please add me to the list?

A must have for us too - understand commitments are few and far between - but 9 months already Zapier...lets get this happening!

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Sure thing, @Dani_H! :)

I’ve added your vote to the list. We’ll be in touch by email once it’s been added!

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Hi @Suus 


I’ve added your vote for this feature request. We’ll update via email once available and apologies @yso because as of now we don’t have any update regarding with the request. We will keep this thread updated. Thanks! 

Hey Guys, 

Could you please add our vote, this is super important for us. 

Just so we can start to plan, do you have any ETA on this. Are you still counting votes for this feature. If you are how many do you need before this gets implemented. Considering this is the leading tracking platforms product I am sure there are thousands who would need to use this and are having to find other solutions.

Many thank


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Thanks for reaching out, @WillRuss! I’ve got your vote added to that feature request. 🙂

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Hi @MrJones ,

You have been added and will receive any updates via email!

Hi. Could you also add me to that list?

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Thanks for your message @mpost! I’ve added you as an interested user on that feature request :slight_smile:

Please count my vote too. Very important feat imo!

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Hi @AndreM 

I’ve added you vote for this feature request and we’ll notify you via email once an update is available. Thanks.



We sincerely apologize but we don’t have any update available regarding with this feature request but rest assured that we will keep this thread updated if there’s any changes. Thank you for your patience. 

Please add my vote to this request.

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I totally agree, @matsreinsby! I’ve added you to the feature request as well. We’ll email you once it’s been added. :)

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Hey @dashdot and @ScottG! :)

I’ve added both of your votes to the feature request. There isn’t a specific number of votes needed. Increasing the number of votes does help to increase a feature request’s priority but there are a number of other factors involved in prioritisation. I don’t have an ETA that I can share for when support for GA4 will be supported but we will definitely email you as soon as it is.

The workaround mentioned above of tagging for both UA and GA4 properties should hopefully allow your Zaps to run in the meantime. 

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Hi @whartonguy 


I’ve added your vote for this feature request. We’ll send you an email once there’s any update. Thanks!

Hey, It doesn’t seem that we will be getting any updates any time soon. Is anyone aware of any other tools that will fill the gap here?



I was wondering whether it’s already possible to create zaps for Google Analytics 4.

I was trying to connect EverWebinar to GA4 via the related zap ( but I noticed then, when displaying the GA properties to choose from, it only shows Universal Analytics ones and not GA4.

Thanks for your help and best regards,


Please add me as well. July 2023 will soon be upon us.

Hello! I would love to be added to that list as well. Is there any ETA for this? I am wondering if this is something that I can even count on or not. Thanks!

Idem, please add my vote - and keep me updated

following this one, add my vote

Please can you add my vote to this request. 

Please add me to the update list.  Need this.

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Hi @Gudi, @ElliottF and @Moein,


I’ve added all your feature request votes and we’ll be updating everyone via email once available. Thanks!