Introducing duplicating and reordering steps!

The time has arrived, my friends! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this feature, and it’s finally here :)We just released Duplicating and Reordering Steps, which builds on our previous launch of duplicating paths.What's changing?You are now able to duplicate and reorder steps, as well as duplicate and reorder paths within a path group. With substantially fewer clicks, you can now duplicate steps and paths and then drag them into the order you desire.This could save you hours each week!Let's take a look at DuplicatingThere are two ways to duplicate a step:1. Duplicate a step from the Editor2. Duplicate a step from the SidebarNow let's see Reordering in actionMore Details:Is this feature limited to specific plans? No - All users will be able to Duplicate and Reorders steps. Free users don’t have access to Paths. Free users will be able to experience the feature but will need to upgrade to publish a multi-step Zap.Are there any limitations to reordering steps?Yes - There are a few limitations:Steps can only be reordered within the same Zap Trigger steps cannot be reordered Parent Path steps cannot be reordered - Paths still need to be the last step in a Zap Paths cannot be reordered within their Path group. The user can change the level that a Path is on (i.e. reorder it down to a nested Path group OR reorder it up from a nested Path Group to a higher level Path group). Steps within Paths cannot be placed before the Path’s rule stepAre there any limitations with duplicating steps?Yes - There are a few limitations:Trigger steps cannot be duplicated Parent Path steps cannot be duplicated Looping steps cannot be duplicated Users cannot duplicate a step (or path) if it will put them over the 100 step limitFeedback?On a scale of “meh” to “OMG”, where do you fall?

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Announcing ZapConnect: Success scales with your next Zap

We’re so excited to share that ZapConnect is back! On Thursday, October 20, 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. PT/12:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET, we invite you to join us at our free, virtual user conference to learn how to make more of an impact with automation.Tune in live to ZapConnect for:A keynote address by James Clear, #1 New York Times best-selling author. He'll talk about adopting habits and making small improvements that can maximize your impact.  Workshops for Zapier users at all levels. Whether you've created one Zap that left you wanting more, or you're an automation wizard who's built workflows for your entire team, our build-along workshops will help you uncover the Zaps you need to find success.  Sessions that will inspire your organization to think with an automation mindset. Find inspiration and gain insights on ways to automate your customer journey, create more efficient teams, and streamline internal processes across your company.   ZapConnect brings together our talented community of customers, partners, and industry experts to help you do even more with automation—no matter your skill level. With hands-on workshops and in-depth discussions, you'll connect with like-minded folks, build Zaps that will have a direct impact on your work, and set your team up for success. We've extended our tracks this year to include more hands-on sessions, and we can't wait to show you how much automation can do for you and your organization. Register today to save your free spot. We hope to see you there!


Airtable's 'Create Records' Now Supports Line Items

A lot of people have been waiting for this day! The Airtable app on Zapier now supports creating records using line items.If you know, you know.If you don’t know, here are a few ways this could be used:Your Trigger App Has Line ItemsSome apps will include items in their trigger steps. Accounting and eCommerce apps often include this option.Examples include: WooCommerce, QuickBooks, Webhooks by Zapier. You can now use Create Records (With Line Item Support) to create multiple Airtable records.Your Search Step Returns Line ItemsSometimes you’ll use a search step and it will return data as line items. This could be orders, with multiple items as part of that order. In the past, you would have had to use Looping by Zapier to process those. But now you can use Create Records (With Line Item Support).You’re Using a Webhooks Step That Returns Line ItemsIf you’re a bit more advanced, you might be connecting to an app’s API directly using Webhooks by Zapier. Some of those APIs will return the information as line items, and you often can’t change that behaviour at all.Enter Create Records (With Line Item Support)!You’re Creating Line Items in the ZapIn some cases, you might be using Formatter by Zapier to create your own line items. It can often make later steps more efficient, but before the introduction of Create Records (With Line Item Support) you would have had to use Looping by Zapier.Those days are gone!Wrapping UpIf you’ve got some use cases in mind, we’d love to hear them! I know a lot of Zapier users wanted this feature, so maybe some of you are reading this :) 

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Want to speak at ZapConnect 2022? Apply to lead a session today!

Our annual user conference, ZapConnect, is coming up this October, and we're excited to host it for the second time!To prepare for the event, we're looking for strong public speakers with a deep understanding of Zapier and compelling use cases to lead ZapConnect sessions. If you've created an amazing Zap—or seen outsized ROI from Zapier—we want to hear about it! Ready to share your automation inspiration with the world? Apply to lead a session today.Apply now This year, all ZapConnect programming will fit into four tracks. Check out the track descriptions to see the kinds of sessions we're looking for! Create: This track walks new users through exploring key Zapier features, building their first automated workflow, and troubleshooting Zaps that go wrong. Expand: This track takes a deeper look at advanced automation skills and Zapier features like conditional logic, webhooks, and multi-Zap systems. Empower: This track explores how Zapier can power critical processes like approvals and data analysis—plus how to set up user permissions, document Zaps, and roll out Zapier across an org. Attract: This track walks through popular marketing and sales workflows and explores how Zapier can help users find, nurture, and win more customers—with less chaos. Not sure whether your session will be a good fit? Need a little inspiration? Learn more about ZapConnect 2022 tracks. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Introducing Transfer by Zapier

Since Zapier first launched more than 10 years ago, we've seen you use automation to accomplish incredible things. You've created ongoing workflows that run entire projects, functions, and businesses in the background. But there's always been a piece missing: Until now, Zapier could only take action on data added to an app after your Zap was activated. Today, that changes. [We're opening up a new beta experience called Transfer](, a simple way to move data between apps, in batches, no matter what time period it's from.  Transfer gives you complete, on-demand control over your app data. You can use it to:Manage large-scale data projects, where you're moving hundreds of records from one app to another. For example, you might use Transfer to move all your customers from an eCommerce platform to a new email marketing app, so you can manage customers in both places.  Backfill a new Zap with critical data. If you built a Zap that logs new leads in a sales tool, but activated it halfway through your lead-generation campaign, Transfer can grab those missing leads. Move data on-demand for ongoing projects. Transfer gives you a full view of all the data in your apps, and you can pick-and-choose what you want to move. That means it's ideal for automation where you need a little more control over what moves, when, like a project management process.How to get startedTransfer is available today on all Zapier plans. It's in beta, so expect some changes over the next few months. And you can use it to move data from select launch partners to any of Zapier's 3,000+ integrations. To use Transfer:Visit (alternatively, you can find Transfer on your dashboard, in the menu on the left side of the screen) Click the "Continue" button and select your source and destination apps Map your data to your preferred fields Select the records you want to move and let us transfer them for youWe put together a full guide to building your first Transfer, too. We're excited to see what you build with Transfer, and thanks for using Zapier! p.s. Expert Zapier sleuths might have discovered a version of Transfer we were testing over the past few weeks :-) This launch has a completely redesigned interface—give it a try! 

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Join us at ZapConnect! Zapier’s first-ever, free, user conference

Hi everyone! My name is @Denise, I work on the Events Marketing Team here at Zapier. We’re incredibly excited to announce that Zapier is hosting our very first, free, one-day virtual event: ZapConnect! On Thursday, October 21, 9am-1:30pm PT, we invite you to join us on the journey to easy automation!Register for Free Whether you’ve built one Zap or many, our conference will bring together all Zapier users in a half-day adventure to discover deeper levels of automation, making everyday processes run like clockwork at whatever scale works for your business. With three tracks of sessions, we’re excited to share how a growing number of businesses are discovering that every piece of their operations can be tuned up with Zapier, unlocking the power of automation across organizations.Join us at ZapConnect for access to: A keynote address by Seth Godin: Hear from industry thinker, author, entrepreneur, and longtime Zapier user Seth Godin. Over the past 30+ years, he’s become one of the top speakers on leadership and marketing, while also founding two companies. Sessions for Zapier users at all levels: Are you setting up your first Zap? Expanding Zapier's role in your software landscape? Our packed program will help you adopt an automation mindset and discover all the ways your business can benefit.   Inspirational and innovative speakers: Excited to see the full potential of Zapier? Learn from power users who have taken their companies to the next level— with guidance on how you can do the same.  We’re thrilled to share this experience with you all, and can’t wait to come together at ZapConnect!Register today to reserve your free seat. We hope to see you there!