Apply for the Zapier Superuser Program!

The Zapier Superuser Program is open and accepting applications!Zapier Superusers are the dedicated, passionate members of our Community who help countless users and share great ideas! We are currently opening up applications for our Superuser Program!   Am I a good fit for the program? Are you enthusiastic about Zaps? Eager to share your latest workflow? Do you get excited to answer questions about Zaps and help other folks? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions — you may be the perfect Superuser candidate!How do I apply?Request to join the Zapier Superuser Private Group to let us know that you are interested!We are looking for a small group of Superusers that are eager to help members get the most out of their Zaps and advance their own knowledge of Zapier.What do I need to do to be accepted?The first step for consideration is to achieve the Helpful Badge — which is available now in Community. Learn more about the Helpful Badge here!In addition, we are looking at your participation in Community. Providing high quality content and helpful insights that are aligned with our Moderation Best Practices? Well then your chances are high to be accepted as a Superuser! If accepted, what can I expect?  Access to the private Superuser forum where you can connect directly with other Zapier Super Users and Zapiens Exclusive Beta program opportunities offered directly from the Zapier team Be the first to know about Zapier betas before anyone else! Superuser Badge and Label in Zapier Community Everyone will know that you are a selected Zapier Superuser Eligibility to apply for the Zapier Moderation Program Some sweet Zapier swag Questions? Excitement? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Announcing AI by Zapier Beta Launch

TL;DW -- today we're beta-launching our take on AI! Take any text input — like an email body, Slack message, or Tweet — and extract data, answer simple questions...almost anything! Later steps can use the intelligent output to do filtering, routing, or even simple responses. Add it to your Zaps today!TL;DR -- check out the 10 minute YouTube demo video and then add the beta app to your Zapier account to get started.Hey folks, Bryan here, I'm one of the co-founders and CTO of Zapier. I'd like to introduce to the Community a new app we've been working on called AI by Zapier. The first version offers three actions that are built to handle freeform blobs of text:Parse Lead -- we'll extract first name, last name, email, address, state, etc. Use this when you have a very standardized lead or contact to parse. Route Message -- we'll match an input to the best available route you've defined. Use this when you want to route some inquiry to some team. Parse Any Data -- like Parse Lead, but you define your own fields (this is extremely powerful!). Use this for pretty much anything. It's like a Swiss Army Knife! These actions are best paired with any trigger app that produces blobs of text that are traditionally hard to analyze or work with. Triggers like New Email, New Tweet, New Post, New Message, and so forth. They often contain valuable information, but are stuck inside a freeform blob of text instead of laid out in a structured way you might see in a spreadsheet.For example, maybe you want to categorize social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, forums, blog comments, etc.) according to their sentiment or topic. You can even ask a specific question like "is feature request", "mentions jobs/careers" -- and amazingly, subjective things like "is spam" or "is constructive" also work pretty well!Another example, maybe you have an incoming email from vacation rental booking sites (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) and want to parse out the dates for the booking, the property they are staying at, as well as their contact information. Pretty much any data a "human" could extract, can be accomplished with AI by Zapier!And one final example, when triggering on messages from customers or colleagues you could take a single stream and split it out to go to whatever person or team is best suited to handle it. You might send all questions about "laptops, phones, or other devices" to Rose in IT, or maybe all inquiries about "payroll, benefits, or employment" to Johnny in HR.If you want to see it in action, I've recorded a 10 minute YouTube demo video that showcases the off-the-shelf "Parse Lead" action as well as a customized "Parse Any Data" using my own examples. If you'd like to try it, then add the beta app to your Zapier account to get started!I hope you enjoy it! And please post in this thread with how you are using it, or, whatever trouble you run into!Frequently Asked QuestionsCan AI by Zapier operate on photos or video?No, not today. We can only do text.AI by Zapier isn't working perfectly for me...Try tweaking your examples!For example, in the Parse Any Data action, try a more descriptive label (IE: "sentiment positive or negative" instead of "sentiment"), try adding another example (IE: you can provide up to 5), or try replacing an existing example (IE: substitute a complex one for a simpler one, or vice versa). Not all use cases will be perfect, but you can usually achieve 90% or greater accuracy with careful tuning. If you are using Parse Lead or Route Message, try contacting us or switching to Parse Any Data to tweak to fit your use case.I'm getting errors about length. What gives?This is expected and is a model limitation. First try shortening your inputs and if possible, try removing or shortening some examples. The AI can only handle about 1200 words per run, which is about 220 or so words per example if you use all 5. It isn't unusual for emails with lots of cruft in them to blow that out!Why will AI by Zapier be a premium app?The models that run this are insanely complex and expensive to operate. We're not even sure we can do it economically today at our current pricing, but we expect the cost to come down over time as this sort of compute becomes more commoditized or the models are made more efficient.Does AI by Zapier have any sort of memory?No, every time we execute an AI by Zapier step, the AI is reset to a "blank slate". So past steps won't directly influence future steps. For example, if it sees information from a message in the past, it won't "remember" that information to answer future questions. 

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Webhooks by Zapier catch hook trigger now supports line items

Extra extra! Read all about it! The Webhooks by Zapier app now supports line item payloads in the Catch Hook trigger:So POSTing this:{"line_items": [{"word": "hello"}, {"word": "world"}]}does this:A few things to note: Current Zaps will continue to use the old trigger, which has been renamed Catch Hook (Legacy). New Zaps will use the new trigger. These Zaps will continue to run unchanged, and this functionality is only for new Zaps you create. The querystring key is now always exposed in the payload. It will be populated as an object if there are any query string parameters as part of the post. Using a child key with a line item payload will run the Zap for each instance of said key. So, like in the above payload, if you used line_items.word as the child key, the Zap would run twice, once with {"word" : "hello"} and the second time with {"word" : "world"}. NOTE: Line Items are our name for a nested array of objects, and these type of payloads (and their nesting) can get really complicated. We only support one level of nested array, so if you need more than that, you’ll still need to use the Catch Raw Hook trigger with your own Code Step parsing, or even better, use the Platform UI.This update will be of interest to a specific cross-section of Zapier users, but for those of you who have been waiting for this, we hope you’re as excited as we are about this one :)

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Introducing the (updated) Zapier Chrome extension

Update your Slack status right from Chrome (and much more!)Formerly known as Push by Zapier, the Zapier Chrome extension has been refreshed with a new design and features.With the Zapier Chrome extension you can:Create and run Zaps on demand Create Zaps easily from templates and run Zaps with a single click right from Chrome. Edit Zaps directly Edit Zaps that use the Zapier Chrome extension directly in the editor. Get Zap suggestions for your apps Get customized Zap suggestions for the apps you use the most. Frequently asked questionsWhat are some popular ways to use the Zapier Chrome extension?With the Zapier Chrome extension, you can complete tasks like these directly in Chrome:Change your Slack status Add a task to Todoist Share a URL on Twitter and many more!Do I need to update or reinstall my old Push by Zapier Chrome extension?If the old Push by Zapier Chrome extension was already installed in your browser, it should automatically update to the new Zapier Chrome extension. If you don't see the extension in your Chrome browser toolbar, pin it to your toolbar or install it manually from the Chrome web store.Do I need to edit my Zaps that use the old Push by Zapier app?No. All your Zaps that use the Push by Zapier app will be automatically updated to reflect the new app name "Zapier Chrome extension", and will continue to work as they did before.Where can I leave feedback or suggestions?Comment below with your feedback so we can continue to improve the Chrome extension with the goal of saving you time on your daily work. BONUSWant early access to an extension that retrieves information from the sites and apps you use most and displays it in an easy-to-use format? Join the Zapier Insights alpha program.

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8 improvements we've made to your My Apps page

Hi There! Caleb Gonzalez here again with more updates we’ve made to the My Apps experience.I talked about some updates that we made a month ago: And now we have even more updates! 1. My Apps list statisticsOn the My Apps page, you can see the number of members who own a Zap using that app, the number of connections for the app, and the number of Zaps using the app. 2. App RecommendationsWhen searching for an app on the My Apps list, we run a search on our public apps and ask if you want to add a connection based on the search. This is helpful if the My Apps page searches for an App that you don’t have a connection to. 3. Need Attention flag on the My Apps ListWe added a flag to the My Apps page to notify you if an app has an auth that needs to be reconnected.  4. Custom integration typesWe’ve added more context to the Custom Integrations section so you can better understand what type of integration it is. 5. Admins and Owners on Team and Companies accounts can see all connections regardless if they are shared or private.On the connections tab, Admins and Owners have access to a Private Connections section. This section will show all of the connections that they don’t own, nor are shared with them. 6. Test All buttonThis is a button that will test all of the connections at once instead of requiring you go through each one individually to test. 7. More Filters!Last Changed Filter: Zaps that were modified in a certain time period. Zap status Filter: Zaps that are turned off, on or Draft (never turned on). Apps used Filter: Zaps who are using another app in tandem with the app that is currently selected. 8. App Connection transfer(Only on Team and Company accounts) You can now transfer ownership of App Connections. This is helpful if a member is leaving the account and needs to transfer ownership, to keep their Zaps running.  We’ve released these updates to all users! If you have any feedback or notice any bugs please write in to support, and we'll get things situated. We love all feedback and suggestions, so please let us know your thoughts.Please let me know if you need any additional info or have further questions, we're always happy to help!Thanks,Caleb

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What's new with 6 popular apps

Hi, folks! I’m @Dannielle from the Partnerships team at Zapier. You might have noticed a few changes to some of your favorite Zapier integrations this year. That's because we've been working with our partners to bring you the updates you've been asking for across some of our most popular website builders, eCommerce tools, CRM apps, and more. I’m excited to share a recap of the updates and improvements made to these six Zapier integrations: WordPress, WooCommerce, Stripe, Mailchimp, Pipedrive, and Salesforce Essentials. Here's a look at everything that's changed—and what it means for you. Website builders 1. WordPressIf you're one of the 60 million people who use WordPress to run your site or blog, you'll appreciate WordPress's revamped Zapier integration. You can now build workflows for any type of WordPress post, as we've added two new actions, one trigger, and one search function:  Updated Post trigger  Create User action  Update Post action  Find Post search Translation: you can now create new WordPress accounts for users, instantly update posts, search for a post, and create Zaps that trigger when a post is updated.Plus, it's now even easier to start using these new features right away, with the new WordPress plug-in for Zapier. 2. WooCommerce Next up is WooCommerce's Zapier integration, following hard and fast with some highly requested features that'll make handling your transactions a breeze. While you can read the full breakdown here, the key takeaway is this: You can now use Zaps to create new customers (and update existing ones), orders, and subscriptions in WooCommerce. And you can also trigger Zaps when orders, coupons, customers, products, and subscriptions are created, updated, deleted, or restored in WooCommerce.Woohoo! eCommerce tools3. StripeDo you run a subscription-based business? If so, you'll love the updated Stripe integration.Subscription management is a key part of this update, as you can now build workflows that create, find, and cancel subscriptions in Stripe. Other updates include: New Charge and New Event triggers are now instant New search: Find customers by email address Support for metadata and custom data fields 4. MailchimpIf you don’t think of Mailchimp as an eCommerce platform, these five new features we added to our Mailchimp integration might change your mind. You can now trigger workflows every time a new customer or new order is created in Mailchimp. Want to see if your emails really "click"? You can also create Zaps that trigger when someone opens your email or clicks on a link inside. It's a handy feature for those of you tracking email engagement. Last but not least, you can create a Zap that finds customers based on their email addresses. (A pretty nifty way to save time.)CRM apps5. PipedriveThe updates made to Pipedrive's integration are subtle, yet powerful. And they start right from the get-go: you can now sign in with OAuth, removing the need for API Keys. (It's a more straightforward—and secure—way of creating Zaps with Pipedrive.)Here are some of the other improvements: Three polling triggers are now instant All deal-related triggers, actions, and searches have been revamped New search: Find Product(s) with line items 6. Salesforce Essentials While it's technically not a revamp, we also wanted to announce our new integration with Salesforce Essentials, the CRM tool that lets you manage your customer conversations from anywhere. We'd be remiss if we didn’t include it in this roundup! We want to hear from you. Let us know: How have you been using these new and improved integrations?  What are your favorite new features? What features do you want to see next? Tip: to stay on top of all of the updates to Zapier and our integrations, check out our product updates blog and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. 

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Announcing Approval by Zapier

TL;DW -- today we're soft-launching a new app on Zapier called "Approval by Zapier" which allows you to insert an Approval step in the middle of your Zap, halting each task until a human (you, or a colleague) clicks the "Approve" button in your Approval Inbox.TL;DR -- Check out the demo video here (it’s also embedded at the bottom of this post): folks, Bryan here, I'm one of the co-founders and CTO of Zapier. I'd like to introduce a new app / feature I've been working on at Zapier for the last few weeks called "Approval by Zapier". I hope you'll find it helpful for your business processes, and I encourage you to give it a try and provide feedback. I'll be continuing to improve it over the next couple of months. Here's a little background:Zapier's mission is to democratize automation. We want automation to be more accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical skill or knowledge of APIs. However, it's clear that not *everything* is fully automatable. Sometimes you really need a human to render a judgement or make a decision before you continue an automation or workflow.That's where "Approval by Zapier" comes in. With it, you can change any Zap into a semi-automated process simply by adding an Approval step anywhere in your Zap. Then, as tasks start running, you can monitor your Approval Inbox and click "Approve" when you'd like a task to continue, or "Reject" in order to halt that task.The way the Approval step works is that preceding steps will run like normal, while those after the Approval step are dependent on someone clicking "Approve" in order for them to continue. You can choose which fields you'd like to display in the Inbox, showing only those that will be most helpful in deciding whether to approve the task. The Approval Inbox (where all your tasks pending your approval will wait) is a private, but shareable link — perfect for sharing with colleagues (even if they don't have a Zapier account!).Some of the reasons you might want to use an Approval step and Approval Inbox today: HR / IT: employees may make a purchase request, vacation request, etc. but the department needs to manually review and approve it before it can continue. Marketing: team members may submit social media posts that are manually approved later by the marketing team before being posted publicly. Sales: lead forms come in and need to be reviewed, perhaps only Approving the best leads after a manual review. QA: submitted items like transcriptions are proof-read for quality before continuing. Customer Service: customers may make requests for discounts or refunds that need to be manually reviewed by a representative before approving. ...and so much more! Known limitations as of mid-November 2020: Editing the data in Approval Inboxes isn't possible. Viewing all tasks across all Approval Inboxes isn't possible, so you'll have to look at each Approval Inbox individually. Moving Zaps with Approval steps between teams, folders, or users may cause errors. Getting automatic alerts for pending Approvals isn't possible (though you could add an SMS, Slack, email, etc. step before the Approval step!). Rejecting a task will only skip subsequent steps that use data from the Approval step. At this point, we're all but guaranteeing bugs and odd behaviors on this soft-launch of Approval by Zapier, so we encourage folks to report any issues they encounter and experiment a bit before using it widely. If you have suggestions on how to make this more useful for you or your company, please share them as well!To provide either feedback or suggestion, you can fill out the form.I hope you enjoy it! -bryan 

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Check out the new "My Apps" Experience!

Hi There! Caleb Gonzalez here with an update! If we haven't met, I'm a Premier Customer Champion here at Zapier.The My Apps page was overdue for some much needed TLC, so we've overhauled the page which you can check out here: List PageWe've created a new experience for browsing and maintaining your connections. The first big difference you'll notice is that connections are grouped by App.(view larger) App List FiltersSometimes when you visit the My Apps page, do you feel like you're seeing a lot of noise and not finding what you're looking for?We've provided a few filters to help you find what you need: My apps - These are the apps you personally maintain connections. If you have at least one connection using this App, it will show up in the list. Shared with me - If you are working on a Team or Company account, this filter will be available to you. Apps listed under this filter will include any App with at least one connection shared with you. Custom integrations - This is a list of connections for custom integrations that are not associated with a public app within the Zapier ecosystem. This includes Private/Invite-Only apps, Deprecated, and Legacy apps. All apps: This is a list of all the Apps used on your Account. This is only visibile to Admins and Owners on the Team and Companies plans. This is used for Admins and Owners to see all the app connections on their account, including Private.App Details pageConnections TabWhen you click on an App from the App List page, you'll be directed to the App Details page Connections Tab:(view larger)For Team and Company accounts, we will show you connections shared with you:(view larger)Private Connections:For Admins/Owners on Team and Companies accounts, they will be able to see Private/Non-Shared connections on this page as well.(view larger)Connections that need to be addressedSometimes connections need your attention. We are highlighting those connections now to make sure you see that your action is required.(view larger)Zaps TabHave you wished you could see all Zaps that are using a specific connection? Well, wish no longer! (view larger)Additionally, you can Sort the Zaps:(view larger)And you can filter by All Connections, All My Connections, All Shared Connections, All Private Connections and each individual Connections:(view larger)Some apps don't ask the user to actively maintain a connectionApps like Digest by Zapier will not show you a connections tab, since the user does not maintain a connection to it. You can however, see all Zaps that use that App. Now What?We’ve released these updates to all users! If you have any feedback or notice any bugs please write in to support, and we'll get things situated. We love all feedback and suggestions, so please let us know your thoughts.Please let me know if you need any additional info or have further questions, we're always happy to help!Thanks,Caleb

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Introducing Improved Shared Zap Landing Pages and Announcing our first Zap Sharing Webinar!

Hi! My name is Bethany. I’m a Senior Product Manager here at Zapier and I’m excited to announce new functionality in how you share a Zap! We heard from you , Zapier users, that sharing Zaps has been an impactful way to improve and grow your business - from quickly onboarding new employees, to sharing automation of internal processes with coworkers, to gaining new leads or clients.The way you are sharing Zaps is inspiring! To continue to power your success, we’ve built a brand new landing page experience for the Zaps you share.As a creator of a Shared Zap, you now have the ability add additional content to help your coworkers and clients be successful. The first time you visit the new landing page for a Zap you shared you’ll see a tutorial of the new functionality on the page.Add a compelling title and see an overview of stats for this Zap. For each step in a Zap, add a note to explain the step or share a tip on how to set it up.Describe the problem this Zap helps you solve and the work it helps you eliminate from your day.As a user of a Shared Zap, you’ll see additional content about what Zapier is and how this specific Zap works, along with the crucial content from the creator of the Zap. Check out the landing page for the Zap shared above or share your favorite Zap to experience this new feature!And if you’re interested in how other users are leveraging Zap Sharing to improve and grow their business, check out our upcoming webinar on how shared Zaps unlock the power of automation and drive revenue!   For more information on Zap Sharing or to see more examples of how other Zapier users are using this feature, click here. 

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Use 20+ Zapier apps directly in Slack's Workflow Builder

Hey yall! My name is Ryan—I'm one of the product managers at Zapier and last time you all heard from me I was sharing news about our Gmail add-on. Well, this time I’m back with a new feature for one of the most popular chat tools, Slack! Specifically, we’ve built an integration into Slack’s Workflow Builder so you can now choose the Zapier app as one of the steps in your workflows!What’s new?We are now able to choose from over 20 different apps with more than 75+ actions (Slack calls them "Steps"). Without leaving Slack, we can build workflows that:Create new projects or tasks in project management tools like Asana Create or manage tasks in task management tools like Todoist Add or update leads in a CRM like Pipedrive Automatically send emails via Gmail or OutlookHow it works?If you’ve installed the Zapier app (within Slack) before, you’ll need to reinstall the app, by clicking here, otherwise you can search for the Zapier app in Slack’s App Directory Next, from any channel, select the Shortcuts button near the message input and choose "Create a workflow" Create a new workflow from scratch Give your workflow a name and then choose a way to start the workflow Select "Add Step" Choose the Zapier app “More Steps by Zapier”   Choose your app category and app of choice Select the action and configure it   Publish your workflow Use the Shortcuts menu to initiate the workflow!Tip: To preview a workflow, add it to a test channel. Once you’re sure it’s working properly, you can edit your workflow to move it to the right channel. You can learn more about this nature in our blog post and make sure to leave a comment down below with any feedback you have! If there are specific apps or actions that you would like us to add, please share that as well! 

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Introducing Zap Details, a new way to view your Zaps

Hey folks! My name is Grant. I’m a Senior Backend Engineer on the Companies team here at Zapier, which means I write code behind the scenes to keep Zapier running smoothly. At Zapier, we’re looking for ways to provide more visibility into your Zaps. This week we launched Zap Details, the new one-stop shop for information related to your Zaps.From Zap Details you can see all sorts of helpful information, such as: An Overview including Zap metadata, Zap usage, and connected Apps A Task Log showing the Tasks your Zap has performed An Activity log showing recent activity on your Zap Accessing Zap DetailsTo access Zap Details, navigate to My Zaps and click the information icon displayed next to each Zap:You can also access Zap Details from the information icon displayed in Task History, the Task log, or from the sidebar while editing a Zap. Next let’s take a look at the three sections of Zap Details.Zap OverviewThe Zap Overview page provides a high-level look at the health of your Zap. From here you can view Zap metadata, such as the Zap’s owner, folder, description, and the last date and time the Zap was modified. You can also perform common Zap actions, such as move to folder, transfer ownership, or share with others.The Overview page also displays information about the Zap’s usage. Users can see how many Tasks this Zap has automated each day, as well as the status of those Tasks.Finally, the Overview page provides auditing information for a Zap. Users can now visualize the App connections that a Zap is using, as well as which members and teams have access to your Zap (which is relevant to Teams and Companies plans). Task LogThe Task Log displays each time that your Zap ran, the status of those runs, and the number of Tasks that were automated. You can filter the Task Log by different statuses, or if you’d like to see more information then view the Tasks in Task History. ActivityThe Activity log is brand new to Zapier. From here you can see a list of all activity that was performed on your Zap, such as Zap paused, Zap unpaused, and Zap transferred. You can see who performed the activity and which day and time the activity was performed.The Activity log supports filters by activity date, the user who performed the activity, and the type of activity. Zapier will add support for tracking new types of activity over time.That’s Zap DetailsZap Details provides users with a better understanding of the activity going on within their account. What other information would you like to see related to your Zaps? Share your feedback below in the replies!

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A new way to use Zapier from your Gmail inbox

UPDATEOn September 8, 2021, the Gmail Add On for Zapier will no longer be available in the Google Workspace Marketplace. As an alternative, please check out the Zapier Chrome Extension. It doesn’t totally mirror the functionality, but the Extension will allow you to quickly and easily send data to your Zaps without leaving Gmail in the browser.You can use the Chrome extension to save and share emails, or use this handy Zap to send the body of your email to other apps like Slack, Trello, or Todoist. Learn more about the powerful features of the Chrome Extension here: any questions, please reach out to Zapier support using our contact form.  Hey folks! My name is Ryan—I'm one of the product managers at Zapier. We've been building new ways that you can interact with Zapier in your other apps, and today we're excited to announce that we officially launched our new add-on for Gmail.We know it's a pain to copy data between Gmail and your other apps, so we created this add-on to help you automate that email overload without ever leaving your inbox. The add-on makes all that a one-click process. Just select an email, choose an action from the Gmail sidebar, and Zapier will route your message to another app with one click.Right now, you can use the following actions: Send messages to Slack Create tasks in Todoist, Asana, and Omnifocus Add rows to Google Sheets Create notes in Evernote Add cards to Trello You can learn more about the add-on in this blog post we published. Or, if you're ready to give it a try, you can install it on the G Suite marketplace. Let us know what you think! Did you find it particularly useful? Share your story and let us know what actions you'd like to see us add next.

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