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Community Code of Conduct

  • 6 September 2021
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The Zapier Community is a global community made up of Zapier users, enthusiasts, certified experts and staff members.

Like the Zapier experience, our community is supportive and inclusive. Our code outlines rules that promote acceptable behaviors and acts. 

This code serves for making our community and its interactions safe and welcoming within our shared space. This code does not supersede Zapier’s Legal Terms. By participating in our community, you have read and accepted this Code of Conduct.

This code applies to all who register, post, and engage in the community. We expect our members to follow the spirit and letter of these rules across all interactions with Zapier. Failure to do so may affect your access to the community.

We are respectful, courteous, patient, and friendly.

  1. Zapier offers infinite possibilities. There’s so much to learn. We acknowledge that community members have different levels of knowledge and understanding. Let’s be patient and kind with each other.
  2. The Community is led by its members and there’s no guarantee that you will receive a reply within a specific time frame.
  3. We do not tolerate any hurtful, harmful, hostile, harassing, threatening, or illegal behavior through direct or indirect interaction anywhere in the community. This behavior includes but is not limited to: Groups, Direct Messages, Public Categories, or Private forums.
  4. Our conversations are inclusive. At Zapier, exclusionary behavior is not allowed. The behaviors outlined in our Acceptable Use Policy extends to the community.

We help each other by offering constructive feedback and cheerful support.

  1. We won’t always agree with each other, and that’s expected. Debate and disagreement can be a healthy part of discussion. If you engage in this kind of conversation with another member, remember to be respectful, even if you disagree with their point of view.
  2. When an outcome is unexpected, the community may be an easy place to criticize or vent. Before reacting, think if posting would help address the issue. If not, consider redirecting the concern to the party or person so that they may receive your feedback to address, including support-related issues or feedback.
  3. If you like something you read in the community, provide feedback and encouragement. If there is a topic that helped the community, upvote the reply or mark it as the Best Answer. If you learned something new, discuss what you learned and how it positively impacted you.
  4. When information is shared from an external source, give credit to the source. If you appreciate their work, tell them by crediting their work appropriately.

We keep security and safety for ourselves and others as a priority.

  1. Do not share personally identifiable information, ever. Consider all areas of the forum as publicly accessible and visible.
  2. Along with not sharing your own information, do not share any information that does not belong to you. Content that appears to be shared without consent will be removed promptly, and violators will be reviewed for removal.
  3. Zapier staff members will always identify who they are. The Zapier badge or labeled as “Zapier Staff Member” means they are verified Zapier employees. Misuse of Zapier’s badge, logo, profile picture, or image likeness to pose as a certified Zapier Expert or staff member is prohibited.
  4. Inappropriate content or behavior that violates our code should be flagged immediately. Members greatly impact community safety when content violations are flagged. Don’t engage or interact directly with the member or that content. Flagging allows the action to be taken either automatically or by moderator intervention.
  5. Zapier staff members will never ask you for any of your account credentials, billing information, or any self-identifying information through the community. All security, account, or billing matters are strictly handled through the Zapier Support Team only.
  6. Any form of retaliation, harassment, aggression, threats of any kind against any members, staff, or moderation team may result in immediate removal from the community and / or from without warning or notice. 

Off-topic chatter, spam, and solicitation is prohibited.

  1. Currently, the community’s discussions are about Zapier. We’re still growing but for now, this is the subject that we consider to be on-topic.
  2. Posts may be reviewed or moderated for appropriateness at any time. If your post is marked Pending, that means that it is being reviewed. If your post is marked as Pending, we will review the post as soon as possible.
  3. Spam topics and posts are strictly prohibited. Don’t cross-post the same post in multiple topics. (ex. topic hijacking, side posting, etc.) Members who continue to violate this rule could face suspension without warning.
  4. The growing rise in AI means that it’s possible to create posts in the Community using specific prompts. Although AI can be useful in many ways, posts generated solely using AI (ie not generated then edited by a human) are often off-topic. We ask users not to over-rely on AI to generate posts and especially not to exclusively use it. We’re a community of people, let’s keep it human!
  5. Solicitation, including affiliate and referral links that send members off-site to external websites, is not allowed. Affiliate or referral links are subject to removal regardless of direct or indirect benefit. Certified Zapier experts may provide a link to their page in the Experts directory. 
  6. Posting of job boards, job descriptions, recruitment, or external contract roles is not permitted.
  7. It’s unacceptable to disrupt others. This behavior includes but is not limited to:
    1. any form of taunting,
    2. reposting content after moderation,
    3. excessive posting/thread creation, direct messages;
    4. editing any content to remove context, or
    5. misusing the flag content or report user feature to get staff’s attention.
  8. Any of these behaviors will incur warnings, and subsequent violations may result in a ban. In some cases, we have no choice but to disable violating accounts immediately. We will ban anyone who:
    1. providing false or altered information to intentionally mislead,
    2. obtaining private information without consent,
    3. doxing, trolling, flaming;
    4. posing as a Zapier staff member,
    5. or using/sharing confidential information outside of the Zapier community.


Violations of the Code of Conduct are carefully reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis. Zapier staff will not discuss or share details about moderation actions or outcomes with other Zapier Community members.

  • Written warning:​ This is usually the first warning a member will receive. The member will receive a message via DM or through email. The notice will outline the violation incurred. Future violations will result in temporary or permanent suspension of their community access.
  • Suspension: This is a temporary disabling of the person who is accessing the community. This action is usually has a start and end date. Upon the end date, the person may regain access to the community. Multiple suspensions (regardless of the violation) may result in permanent suspension.
  • Permanent suspension:​ This is a long-term ban on the person who is accessing the community. This action usually has no end date. This action may not accompany a warning before or after the action.
  • Ban: The act of removing a person from accessing the community, regardless of how many accounts they have or create. The banned member may not circumvent this action by creating a new account, using another existing account, puppeting a shared or alternative account, speaking through another member, or imitate a banned account.

We ban people, not accounts.

How we handle change

Our code will not address all scenarios. As new situations come to our attention, we may find it necessary to change, expand, or update the policies stated here with little or no notification. We may retroactively apply current and new changes against previously existing submissions or behavior with the community in mind.

We will announce policy changes in the About the Community area as revisions and modifications are made available.

How to contact us

Any feedback, inquiries, or questions to the above code should be sent to

Please do not use the forums, direct messages or emails to individual staff members if you have questions about the Code of Conduct. Zapier staff will not address concerns using these channels.

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