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Shared mailbox / outlook

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@Albert @SimonRekers @CodeNinja @SeedPartner @Jimz your vote has been added to this feature request. I don’t see an ETA at the moment but you will receive any updates via email!

+1 from me please, this would be a powerful feature. Most of our mail flow utilises shared mailboxes. @Danvers can you please add me to the list of customers after this feature?

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There appears to be a work around that should work for most people here. Just go to > Users > Active Users > select the Shared Mailbox > Reset password. Now in another browser or a new ingognito window go to and login to your shared mailbox with the password you just set.

In another tab, log in to Zapier and go to the Outlook integration and add another connection. It should automatically authorise against the Shared Mailbox account that you’re signed into. Boom! 

Hope that helps. :)

We would like a zap so we can send an email from a “Teams & Groups”. Would this workaround work for that? I am unable to select another account other than my personal O365 account when trying to add it to Zapier.


Update: I created a new “shared email” because I couldn’t get our contact@ teams email account to work. I did however manage to get the new shared email address added as a O365 account and can now use it in our Zap! So, it looks like this workaround worked (have not sent a test email yet)

We would love this feature as well.  Thanks!

Anyhow, I seem to only get the data of emails I send, not mails I receive there.

I tested thoroughly… Also I see test-data repeating if I “Load more” (the shared inbox is quite fresh). @christina.d: Shall I write support or would you prefer to debug here (Zap 163849389)?

These issues seem resolved a day later. Magic :)

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Hi @JamesJapp

Thanks for letting us know that you were able to connect your shared O365 email address using the workaround, great job! 🙌🏻 

Hey all! I wanted to pop in and share the good news that support for shared O365 mailboxes has been implemented! 🎉 

It’s possible you may be presented with an error message initially but re-authenticating should fix this up.

Thanks for your patience on this one! 

Will the calendar of the Shared Inbox become available, too, @christina.d? Seems like I can only access my personal calendar in “Set up trigger” (at least when I chose “Calendar Event Start” in “Choose app & event”) :(

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That’s fantastic news! Thanks so much for sharing the workaround you discovered, @EVOK3D! :)

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Absolutely, @MacOfKent, I’ve added you as an interested user on this Feature Request.