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Shared mailbox / outlook

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No news on this at present, @Esra. I’ve added your vote to the feature request and we’ll be in touch by email once that’s been implemented. 

In the meantime, the workaround shared by EVOK3D here previously may be worth giving a try! :)

Thank you! :) 

The solution of @EVOK3D worked well! Thanks for sharing:relaxed:

For me it seems that this issue is not solved. This feature is crucial for our business. Are there any updates?

In Microsoft Power Automate such kind of feature is available. However, I would like to prefer to use Zapier. 

@Liz_Roberts and @Danvers  Can you add me to the list (people who want to be able to link from/to Shared mailboxes as well? Thanks 

@Liz_Roberts Me too please!

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@gr8rck I have added your vote for this feature request. If there is an update, you will be notified via email!

Also interested in a How-To if available. I tried to set this up today and receive:

“Unable to send an email: The mailbox is either inactive, soft-deleted, or is hosted on-premise.”


Please add me to the list too!

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@SIG - you got it! You have been added and will receive any updates via email.

+1 from me


My workflow is as follow: We use a CRM/project management tool with CardDAV, which is not readable by M365. So I try to import through Zapier (whenever our tool creates a new contact, a contact in M365 should be created.

I don’t want this attached to a personal mailbox within M365, as it wouldn’t work anymore after this person left the company. Thus, I created a shared mailbox which all users can integrate into their Outlook Apps.

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Thanks for sharing @chriswright !

I also need that feature, please add me to the request as well

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Hi @Moritz 


Welcome to the community! I’ve added your vote for this feature request, and we’ll send you an email once an update is available. Thanks!

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to pop in here with a message from our product and engineering teams:

We are working on some important maintenance work to keep the Microsoft Office 365 integration working, but do not have immediate plans to work on new features at this time. If and when we do come back to the Microsoft Office 365 integration, this feature request is at the top of the list.

@Danvers Please add my upvote to enable at least shared mailbox Outlook connections.  Thanks 

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I was looking for the same thing. I added a Zapier Parser email address to the mailbox in question (bunch of ways to do this). That allows me to get the raw email into Zapier, triggered by its arrival. 


Might be helpful?

I am looking more for sending mail from tjhis shared mailbox. The idea is to use this shared mailbox to send external notifications to customers. I do not want that in the email sender would appear my personal mailbox but the shared one.
Thanks for your suggestion anyway

@Liz_Roberts Can you add me to the list (people who want to be able to link from/to Shared mailboxes?  Thanks 

Please, add me as well

Hey @Justin Berneburg and @beedee101

Happy to confirm that we’ve added your votes to that feature request too. :)

Please, add me as well

Please add me to the upvote for this it’s so frustrating not to be able to achieve this. We use shared inboxes across the entire business and this would be such a simple zap for us if only we could use it

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@Merci - I’ve flagged this so someone from Team Zapier can add your vote.

Hey all! I wanted to pop in and share the good news that support for shared O365 mailboxes has been implemented! 🎉 

It’s possible you may be presented with an error message initially but re-authenticating should fix this up.

Thanks for your patience on this one! 

This is awesome!

I can access the shared inbox (without having it’s password or using Email Parser).

@JamesJapp@BBrown: If you set up the trigger in your Zap, choose your regular Outlook-account (which has access to the shared inbox). In the following “Set up trigger”, you can enter the email-address of the shared inbox. Then test. In my case, I had to reconnect the Outlook app with my regular Outlook-account (as an error message advised me and @christina.d mentioned) for the test to work. Fingers crossed it works for you!

Anyhow, I seem to only get the data of emails I send, not mails I receive there.

I tested thoroughly… Also I see test-data repeating if I “Load more” (the shared inbox is quite fresh). @christina.d: Shall I write support or would you prefer to debug here (Zap 163849389)?

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Thanks for your message @MMD MELISSA, I’ve added you to the feature request 🙂

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Hey @NicolaContin!

I’ve added your vote for the feature request as well. We’ll be in touch by email with any updates. :)

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Hi @Merci!

I’ve added you to the list of users that have requested that addition, which lets the team know how many user would like to see it and also means that we’ll send you an email if we have an update. Thanks 🙂

Put me on the list as well.

Very disappointing that this is still not possible. A lot of people work this way, it's no problem in gmail. Unfortunately we just switched to Microsoft and my zaps no longer work.

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@TheyCallMeStompie you have been added!