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Notion New Item in Database trigger doesn't include content of the page

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Let’s say I want to write my tweets in a notion database and publish them to twitter automatically.

If I write the text of my tweet inside my notion page content, there is no way to retrieve it in zapier. I have an 1. Object Page as show in @Danvers screenshot, in this post but I’ve not the text content of that page which is what I need.

In the end the only thing that can be accessed are the database properties and not the page content, so I ended up creating a property called “text” and then added my tweet text in it, but it’s not really beautiful.

It would be cool to have the possibility to access the text that is inside a page and not having to add a property.  


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thanks @SamB i’m giving the API Request a shot today and will send a help ticket if I can’t figure it out, which is not only possible - it’s likely! 🙃

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Hey all, part of the challenge with this is “content” is kind of different within Notion. This post I’m typing in the reply box is just text but I can also make it bold and red which gives the content various properties. Notion does this too but it’s even more complex. Every paragraph in Notion is a “block” and each block has a type. If it’s just text, it might be a paragraph block but if it’s a list, or a quote, or an image, it’s a different type of block. You can see all the block types here:

So, what I’m getting at is getting the content is a little more difficult than just pulling the text off the page. How should the text be represented in Zapier? Should it be similar to Notion and be blocks? Should it be converted to Markdown, or maybe just plaintext? The answer probably depends on how your going to use the content further in the Zap. I would love to get your thoughts on this, how would you use this content and what format would you want this content in?

Just converted to Markdown would be a great start.  this will allow me to populate my github issues straight from notion pages.

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@Ryan.Detzel assuming it’s possible to GET page content from database items… and considering this use case detailed by OP…

i would further assume that you’d want to limit that to type=rich_text to start. meaning, zapier wouldn’t pull in any of these types:

- checkbox
- created_by
- created_time
- date
- email
- files
- formula
- last_edited_by
- last_edited_time
- multi_select
- number
- people
- phone_number
- relation
- rollup
- select
- status
- title
- url
- unique_id
- verification


at that point, yes just convert it to markdown in the zapier interface.