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error 400 with pardot

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our zapier account ran out of credits 3 days back and so we had to turn off all our existing zaps until it was renewed on friday !!! when i tried to enable the zaps today i was thrown an error:

Unable to refresh access token. Error code 400: {"error":"invalid_client_id","error_description":"client identifier invalid"} You should try reconnecting your Pardot account!

So understood it was related with pardot. when i went to zaps it was saying account has expired suddenly !!! then i tried to reconnect the zap with business ID but was again thrown with an error !!

could anyone help to rectify this scenario !!


Best answer by Danvers 15 July 2021, 12:33

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Hi everyone


First of all, I know that this bug is having a huge impact on you all and I’m sorry that it’s so disruptive. 


While I don’t have an estimate of when this will be resolved, it’s the number one priority for the team that handles the Pardot integration at Zapier and we’re actively working to get things resolved as soon as possible. Either myself or one of my Zapier teammates will post here again when we have an update. 

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Same error today with the pardot connection that is broken and cannot be connected back.

The Pardot User is complying with the new pardot authentication but still we are stuck with no more information about this error 😭

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this is what i got from Zapier !!


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I am currently experience the same error & it appears to have started 3 days ago on the 2nd July as well.


Unable to refresh access token. Error code 400: {"error":"invalid_client_id","error_description":"client identifier invalid"}

You should try reconnecting your Pardot account!


When I try to reconnect my account i get error message



Appreciate any help to rectify this issue 


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Same problem. Started three days ago 2.7.2021.

Pardot: Unable to refresh access token. Error code 400: {"error":"invalid_client_id","error_description":"client identifier invalid"}

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Same issue here, no one found a fix yet?




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Anyone has received update from Zapier or Pardot about this issue?

Any estimated date on the resolution?

Thanks in advance

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@Danvers Any update on this situation yet? 

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Good evening,

Is there any update on when we can expect a resolve with this issue. We have leads that are failing to come through.

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How can we have this issue escalated?  

This is impacting our global business.

If we don’t have a resolution within 24 hours, will have to look for another solution and will request a refund.




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I am currently having the same error. Just started appearing 3 days ago.

I have tried reconnecting to Pardot using a different account, but as soon as I try to connect I get the following “error=invalid_client_id&error_description=client%20identifier%20invalid”


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Also experiencing the exact same error reported here. It’s quite urgent that we get this fixed. Appreciate any help!

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We are seeing this same error with our pardot integration... please have a look and advise as how to resolve this issue.  Thanks

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Hey @JumpCrewAdmin, thanks for letting us know! It looks like we have you on the list.

@reports, I’ve added you to the list as well so that we can alert you once the issue is resolved. :)

You can also follow our status page as well for a more public way to track the status here:


We are now one week from the issue originating and 2 days since the status page was last updated. For 1 week, the primary function of our college has been severely limited by this disruption and there isn’t even an ETA on resolution. This is unacceptable. 

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Would like to know when this is fixed. Same problem here 

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Same issues as described. Adding myself to this list so I can be aware of when a fix is available.

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Same issue here. At $499/month you would assume this service would have better uptime. This is the 4th issue that we have encountered with Zapier and Pardot and by far the longest it’s taken to resolve. I am hoping now that the holiday long weekend is over, they will fix whatever they broke. 

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Hey @John.Radcliffe2, thanks for your questions here and sorry for the hassle!

There hasn’t been any further information shared because there isn’t more information to share yet. Each member is added to an email notification list so that they can receive a notification as soon as there is a solution. If there hasn’t been a notification, the issue is still ongoing.

I can definitely understand the frustration with the delay and the trouble a major bug can cause. However, I do want to make it clear that the community forum is not for customer service. We have a dedicated support team that handles all customer service inquires and these forum posts serve as a way for the community to gather, help each other, and raise awareness of issues or features that the community are interested so moderators can alert the right teams and make sure those issues are tracked.

All customer service inquires should be directed to our dedicated support team as it is not guaranteed that a staff member will always be available in the forum. We do our very best to provide high quality moderation here, but customer service issues should be sent to our support team directly via our Get Help page here:

Sorry again for the hassle and we’ll be sure to alert all users that are on the affected user list for this bug as soon as there is a fix.

The problem is that your support staff are not responding with any updates at this point. We’ve sent two separate inquires on the matter, looking for any update, and your support team has not responded. I imagine other people are having the same issue, and are looking for any information they can find on the matter since the outage page has not changed in the last 7 days.

The lack of proactive support on the matter is the most frustrating part of this situation. I’m sure your teams are well aware of how many accounts use Pardot integrations regularly, and the fact that we all had to reach out to determine what the issue was is an example of really poor customer service. 

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is there any solutions you guys can think of to rectify this ??

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Same issue here. Been happening since Friday. REALLY hoping either Zapier or Pardot get this resolved quickly since it’s impacting our lead flow. 

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Hey I am stil having this issue, is everyone else as well?

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We’re having the same problem. Would be great to know when it’s fixed.

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Hey I am stil having this issue, is everyone else as well?

Yes. I reached out to support this morning and this was their response:


“Thank you for checking in.

I'm afraid I do not have any updates at this time. The engineering team is still investigating, working on a fix as their top priority.

We'll follow up directly once it's confirmed that the issue is resolved, but updates can also be found here:

I'm sorry I don't have a better answer at this time. I absolutely understand the impact, and we'll keep pushing the engineering team for a fix as quickly as possible.”

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Same problem as well.