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error 400 with pardot

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How can we get all the data that is not currently coming into Pardot, after the issue is resolved and after the zaps are reconnected? I just hope that we don’t have to manually import all the leads that are not coming into Pardot due to the bug. 

@nicksimard @Danvers we continue to get the error when trying to connect, please add us to the bug report update list. 

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@TTDocheva You’ve been added to the report! Once the issue is resolved you can import the missing data by downloading it into a CSV file. Here’s some steps on how to import data into Zaps:

Same. Confirmed with my sfdc admin that nothing has changed on our side. I’m furiously working on workarounds.

I have already logged a support ticket for this but am just posting here to add us to the update list. Thank you

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@PerfectServe, I’ve added you to the list of affected users and @TLP, it looks like the Customer Champion who helped you via email has already added you. 


I don’t have an update on this currently, I’m sorry. As @william mentioned, you can also follow this issue and subscribe to updates on this status page

Same issue - I’m hoping it’s resolved shortly.

Ongoing issue with our company, has broken lead flow for 3 days now

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Same issue here - nothing changed but Zaps stopped working.

Hey @MarcLal@penny.hoff, and @KeithCrowell, I hope you’re well!

I’ve just added you to the notification list for this issue so that we can be sure to alert you as soon as a fix is deployed.

@penny.hoff this issue is the #1 top priority for our engineering team right now and we’re actively working on a fix. I have added you on the bug report that was escalated to our engineering team so that we can alert you ASAP once the issue is resolved. I apologize for any trouble this has caused!

@william thank you for sharing that this is the team’s #1 priority. It would have been nice to see something indicating this in the UI when trying to reconnect the app so that we waste less time thinking it is fixable on our end and researching solutions. This would be useful for any future instance like this

Hey @John.Radcliffe2, thanks for your questions here and sorry for the hassle!

There hasn’t been any further information shared because there isn’t more information to share yet. Each member is added to an email notification list so that they can receive a notification as soon as there is a solution. If there hasn’t been a notification, the issue is still ongoing.

I can definitely understand the frustration with the delay and the trouble a major bug can cause. However, I do want to make it clear that the community forum is not for customer service. We have a dedicated support team that handles all customer service inquires and these forum posts serve as a way for the community to gather, help each other, and raise awareness of issues or features that the community are interested so moderators can alert the right teams and make sure those issues are tracked.

All customer service inquires should be directed to our dedicated support team as it is not guaranteed that a staff member will always be available in the forum. We do our very best to provide high quality moderation here, but customer service issues should be sent to our support team directly via our Get Help page here:

Sorry again for the hassle and we’ll be sure to alert all users that are on the affected user list for this bug as soon as there is a fix.

The problem is that your support staff are not responding with any updates at this point. We’ve sent two separate inquires on the matter, looking for any update, and your support team has not responded. I imagine other people are having the same issue, and are looking for any information they can find on the matter since the outage page has not changed in the last 7 days.

The lack of proactive support on the matter is the most frustrating part of this situation. I’m sure your teams are well aware of how many accounts use Pardot integrations regularly, and the fact that we all had to reach out to determine what the issue was is an example of really poor customer service. this point, we’re looking for replacements. 

I am still getting the error too. This is so frustrating. I think I will just set up the automation to create a lead in SF directly until this is solved. We also have leads failing to come through!!

@PerfectServe, I’ve added you to the list of affected users and @TLP, it looks like the Customer Champion who helped you via email has already added you. 


I don’t have an update on this currently, I’m sorry. As @william mentioned, you can also follow this issue and subscribe to updates on this status page

Thanks please add me too! 

@Danvers @william @nicksimard Following this thread. Please add me to the list to be notified when this is resolved. We currently have 57 Zaps that use Pardot constantly to pass leads.


Thank you!

@Danvers  please add me too. Thank you 

@william, I would like to receive updates on this as well. Thanks!

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Hi, So what happens to all the failed zaps that count towards our monthly allowance - will we receive a credit when they are replayed? 

Still patiently waiting hope you have a solution soon

@Danvers Sorry to keep poking you, but I would hope the team has scoped out the issue and has begun working toward a solution. Any update since yesterday?

@nicksimard Please add me to the list!

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Hi everyone!


I’m very pleased to report that this issue has now been resolved. The Pardot integration will now work as expected, but you will need to take the following actions in order to restart your Zaps:

1) Reconnect your Pardot account(s) in Zapier:

2) Turn all Zaps connected to Pardot off and on again.

If you have Zaps that encountered an error during this issue, any associated Zap runs will not be able to be replayed. If you have data in your Zap Runs that cannot be replayed, and you would like to send that data through your workflow, you can export your Zap runs as a CSV by following these steps:

Then, follow the bulk import steps below to import into Zapier:


If you have any questions on how to do this, the best thing to do is to contact the Support Team using the Get Help form. They will be able to look at the data in your Zaps with you and can advise you on the best way forward. 

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Back again. @Danvers Nothing yet?

We’re experiencing a similar issue that started last Friday. There was an interruption between our Pardot API & Zapier. We fixed the API issue but now none of our Pardot related zaps are successful; all of them have errored since 7/2 with the same error code as the original reporter:

Unable to refresh access token. Error code 400: {"error":"invalid_client_id","error_description":"client identifier invalid"}

When we try to reconnect the Pardot connection with our Pardot Business ID entered in, the Salesforce Oauth popup doesn’t load. Instead, it shows:


I know the team is working on it, but are there any updates or ETAs you can share out with us? This is super disruptive to our business flow.

We’re in the same boat. This is a mission critical bug for us.

@william Can you add me to the bug report notification list as well? 

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@Danvers Any update on this issue??

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Hey @Keira_B and @Jlnormandin, hope you are well!

I’ve just added you to the list of affected users, we’ll be sure to alert you ASAP once this issue is resolved.

@Angel association, errored actions do not count toward your task limit, only actions that have completed successfully. So there shouldn’t be any extra usage associated with any steps that failed due to an error. I double checked the list on the bug report and it looks like we have you listed, we’ll be sure to alert you as soon as there is a solution!