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error 400 with pardot

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Hello, we are looking for an update on this particular issue. Is there any ETA on a fix? This is very important to our process. 

Also, please add us to the bug report @william. Thank you. 

Hello, what is the latest update? Pretty poor customer service to not provide any update whatsover other than “we’re investigating” for over a week...

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Hey @John.Radcliffe2, thanks for your questions here and sorry for the hassle!

There hasn’t been any further information shared because there isn’t more information to share yet. Each member is added to an email notification list so that they can receive a notification as soon as there is a solution. If there hasn’t been a notification, the issue is still ongoing.

I can definitely understand the frustration with the delay and the trouble a major bug can cause. However, I do want to make it clear that the community forum is not for customer service. We have a dedicated support team that handles all customer service inquires and these forum posts serve as a way for the community to gather, help each other, and raise awareness of issues or features that the community are interested so moderators can alert the right teams and make sure those issues are tracked.

All customer service inquires should be directed to our dedicated support team as it is not guaranteed that a staff member will always be available in the forum. We do our very best to provide high quality moderation here, but customer service issues should be sent to our support team directly via our Get Help page here:

Sorry again for the hassle and we’ll be sure to alert all users that are on the affected user list for this bug as soon as there is a fix.

Please add us to the bug report also @william 



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Hi @Marketing_Sterile!

I don’t have an ETA but I can tell you that this is of the highest priority. We’ve identified what is likely the issue and are working on getting a fix in place. I have added you to the list of affected users, along with @david-lagos and @John.Radcliffe2 . 

Hi, please add me to the list of notification when the error has been fixed by your staff as this is a major hurdle. Thanks.