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Twitter error: Unable to get a value when looking for "check_after_secs". Is it empty or missing?

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Im unable to solve the check_after_secs error when i try to test the intergration of Instagram to Twitter 



Best answer by christina.d 5 May 2023, 03:30

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same problem here. while i respect that zapier’s job isn’t to convert videos etc, this has to be one of the most popular use cases for your company - take a post from platform A and post it to platform B.

My first suggestion is that you make it work.

My second would be that you tell us what to do to make it work.

This ticket was opened 3 months ago. Please help us make it work.

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Hi there @act! 👋
Sorry to hear you’re being affected by this issue as well. I’ve added you to the list of users being affected by this so we can get in touch with you via email as soon as it’s been fixed. 

I can’t give any estimate on when it will be resolved by. But currently it seems the best approach to avoid this issue is to upload videos into Instagram (or whichever app you pulling them from in the Zap) that are within the supported specifications for Twitter.

Christina shared a link to these previously but I’ll surface them again here: Upload media > Video specifications and recommendations43b53b085ad3189b8c06400d9d3d641a.png
Not ideal I know but hopefully that approach helps in the meantime.

Hi! Just checking to see if there are any updates to this issue. It seems that I’m impacted as well.

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Thanks for checking on this, @BarxParx! 🙂

Unfortunately, the bug report remains open. We can’t make any promises as to when it will be fixed, but I've added you to the list of affected users. That will help to bump up its priority and ensure you'll get an email notification from us once it's been resolved.