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Amazon S3 Bucket error: A File could not be found. Bucket "[mybucketname]" does not exist.

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Hey there @andymmc - no updates at the moment, I’m sorry to say!

I’m curious is moving the S3 bucket to the "N California" region feasible for your setup? It was mentioned earlier in the read but definitely recognize not an option for everyone.

In the meantime, I did add you as an affected user and we’ll be sure to update the thread with any news.

The bucket was already located in us-west-1 N. California. 

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Hi @david123!

I understand how frustrating this issue is, and I apologize for the inconvenience of it all. 

We have a multi-faceted prioritization system in place, with teams looking at all of the various requests that we have. Part of it is no doubt whether the integration is a premium one, but there are other factors as well (including how many users it impacts).

As much as I wish I could give you an ETA for when this will be resolved, that’s not something I can provide.

I get that this isn’t necessarily a satisfying answer, but it's the best I can offer right now. You'll be notified this bug has been resolved, and hopefully that's sooner than later!

This is very disheartening to read this thread. I just upgraded our clients Zapier to premium to gain access to the Amazon S3 Premium App and now it appears it doesn’t work. I have contacted support about it, but it seems many others have tried many things and nothing seems to work. Hoping I can find a resolution to this.

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Ah, appreciate you letting me know. I’m sorry to hear that didn’t work for you. 

While I don’t have any other workarounds to share at the moment, we’ll keep the thread informed if one comes up.

Thanks again for reaching out!

Have recently encountered this issue. Was wondering if there’s any updates on plans for fixing this - I see that the initial thread creation was July 2020, almost 2 years now.

Sure, i totally understand how you have deprioritized this and dont think its worth fixing now. That’s fine, but you CANT claim to have a premium S3 integration on your site then and not fix it for more than 10 months with no timeline for a fix. That’s borderline fraud.

To be perfectly clear - your S3 integration does not work, at all, in any capacity right now. I have tried every single method triggering it and there is no way to get it to function. 

This is not a minor bug that only affects some specific edge cases. The integration is NOT FUNCTIONAL.

So either fix this, or remove the integration from your site and stop claiming you have it. 

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Hey @david123,

I agree with you that this is certainly worth fixing but with limited resources we do have to make decisions on what to address first.

If the integration didn’t work at all, for anyone whatsoever, then of course we would not claim to have such an integration and call it premium. The fact is that this bug affects a relatively small percentage of users. There are hundreds of live and functional Zaps, where the users have managed to connect the account and successfully test the trigger. 

Again, I’m really sorry that you (and the others in this thread) are not able to get it working. I really am. It may not feel like a minor bug to you since it’s a total blocker, but it is the case that most people who are using the Amazon S3 integration are doing so successfully (which I understand is no consolation to you).

It doesn’t look like you’ve reached out to our Support team yet about this particular issue. I certainly can’t promise that they’ll be able to resolve this for you, but they have access to more resources than we do here in Community and may have some workarounds that haven’t been mentioned in this thread. 

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We have the same issue : we try to make a copy of all our S3 bucket to google drive.

S3 Bucket is in Europe west region, and as the company is based in France, we cannot move the bucket to California or anything like that.

Any solution?

Any date about fixing this bug?

Hi, trying to add form data to an S3 bucket but I get this error: We’re having trouble loading 'Bucket Name' data”


Is this a bug?




I have tried the S3 trigger with every possible combination of events, permissions, regions, etc. with absolutely no success. I don’t see any way to get it working, whatsoever.

Even making a brand new bucket, keeping the permissions completely public, and triggering events on any new file added to it does not work. 

If anyone reading this thread has been able to get the s3 trigger to work for them at all, please let me know what you did in order to do so.

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Hi @rockc 


We don’t have any updates yet regarding this bug. I added you to the existing bug report for you to get updated via email once available. We appreciate your patience.


I have the same issue as mentioned above… Any news of a fix ?





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Hi @jean-stonly - sorry you are running into this! I have added you as an impacted user, which means you will receive updates via email. I see that one user has had success by "changing the policy to make it less specific for the Keys.” I’m not sure if that is helpful in your case but worth sharing!