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Amazon S3 Bucket error: A File could not be found. Bucket "[mybucketname]" does not exist.

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Trying to connect S3 to Google drive.  I am able to enter the access and secret to my bucket and the bucket is found (and it has files within) but Zapier is reporting (after successfully connecting) that “bucket does not exists” and no files found.  Specifically:

Find Data (error)

  • A File could not be found.

    Bucket "[mybucketname]" does not exist.

I’ve tried everything I can think of here… all I want to do is move everything from S3 to Google drive.  Is this possible?


Best answer by Liz_Roberts 23 July 2020, 20:56

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I ended up changing the policy to make it less specific for the Keys and got it working. Since I am the only one with access to the zapier account and the bucket.


I guess they mean giving more access to the AWS service account that it should need, like for example, giving it full write/read access.

I already tried it, but it didn’t worked out for me.

Anyway, thanks for the help, i found another complete different solution to solve my problem.

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Hi Liz,

I am having the same issue. I’m trying to connect a Box folder to an S3 bucket. The trigger is meant to fire when a file is uploaded to a folder within Box and should upload the file to an S3 bucket. When it comes to choosing a bucket, I get this general error after several seconds in the right sidebar that says:

“We’re having trouble loading 'Bucket Name' data

Uh oh, something is not quite right! This might be a temporary problem though, so you may want to try that again or contact support if this persists!”

None of the S3 buckets, whether they are in the North California region or not, are showing.

Since the API that finds bucket names fails, I would appreciate it if I could enter the name of the bucket manually instead.

Also, I believe that the “Bucket Name” field should probably be required. It is currently optional.

Of course, the test of the integration fails since the bucket name is empty.

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Hi there @asago - Thanks for the question! That error appears when it cannot find new data associated with the Zap. However, that doesn’t mean that your data isn’t there in the bucket. Our Zapbook about Amazon S3 is outlined here: - It seems the only two Triggers we have at the moment are “New Bucket” and then “New or Updated File” - Could you confirm which of the two triggers you’re trying when you’re seeing that error?


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Hi @Johnh! It’s possible this may be the same bug, but I suggest reaching out to our Support team so that they might confirm. They can look at your specific configuration to troubleshoot and/or add you to a bug report if needed. They can be reached here!

I’m having the same issue. Two years later.


Any updates?

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Thanks for reaching out and sharing your thoughts with us, @fabphoto. I definitely understand your disappointment and want to be as helpful as possible.

I did a bit of digging and can see you had a chance to chat with my teammate, Scott in support. He was able to add you to the existing bug report. He also had this workaround he recommended:


In the meantime, I have seen users get around this bug in a few ways. Would you be able to move the bucket region to N.California on AWS? If that does not work, would you be able to create a new bucket in that region to test?


I know it’s been mentioned earlier in the thread but it could be worth a shot. In the meantime, since you’ve been added to that report we’ll be sure to keep you and this thread updated with any news just as soon as we have it. Thank you once again for taking the time to reach out.

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@user123123 - I afraid there is not an update as of yet. I have added you to the report as an impacted user so that you will be notified once there is an update. 

In the meantime, hoping the workaround mentioned above may be an option for you!

Thanks for your answer - unfortunately this didn’t help.

Do you have any visibility on a due date for this fix ?

Any resolution on this? Having the same issue with the Zap.

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Same issue as OP using the New or Updated file… works fine until the test section… 

  1. bucket was empty press test. Response - the bucket “Bucket-Name” does not exist.
  2. upload a new file to the bucket, press test. Response - the bucket “Bucket-Name” does not exist.

Tested permissions with script and it is fine for the access keys given, also tried AmazonS3FullAccess policy to see if it was part of the read only settings… but still did nothing…. useless. 

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Hi @jean-stonly and @beyondgravity!

While I’m not able to provide an ETA for this to be fixed, I can pass along what one user said to our Support team that got things working for them.

They said:

I ended up changing the policy to make it less specific for the Keys and got it working. Since I am the only one with access to the zapier account and the bucket.

Full disclosure: I’m not totally familiar with what they’re suggesting, but if this makes sense to you and is something you’re able to do, it may be worth trying.

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Hey there @andymmc - no updates at the moment, I’m sorry to say!

I’m curious is moving the S3 bucket to the "N California" region feasible for your setup? It was mentioned earlier in the read but definitely recognize not an option for everyone.

In the meantime, I did add you as an affected user and we’ll be sure to update the thread with any news.


Any update on this issue? Having the exact same problem. Moving S3 bucket to a random region because this bug is not solved is not an option.

Same problem. Since this hasn’t been fixed for such a long time, does anyone know of an alternative to Zapier for this use case?

No updates still?


The s3 New or Updated File Trigger doesn’t work at all and it’s a premium integration, one that we are paying for and need badly. I’ve tried making the bucket region northern california, ive tried making the bucket completely public, ive tried making the IAM permissions completely open. 

Nothing is working, and i continue to get the error message that the bucket does not exist when i try to test it.

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Hi @wdenny3885 ,

I see you are working with Caleb in Support on this issue and have stumbled upon a bug with the S3 integration. You have been added to the bug report which means you will be notified when there is an update. 

I see Caleb suggested a possible workaround some folks have found is to move the S3 bucket to the "N California" region which may be helpful as this bug is worked out. 

I know that’s not the answer you were hoping for, but please let us know if you have any additional questions!



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@santiagoc - so sorry you are running into this issue. I have added you to the bug report so that you will be notified of any updates via email. 

I guess I will join in on this issue. I am going to assume this is not going to be fixed anytime soon LOL.


Would love to have this working! 

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Hey @beyondgravity!

It’s too bad that the suggestion didn’t help, but I’m glad you found something that works for you :) 

I am having the same problem.

Same issue with me.


The IAM user has full S3 permissions. When I customize the file, it queries S3 and finds the bucket name. When I test the trigger I get “A file could not be found” and then underneath that it tells me the bucket I select does not exist.

It both exists and there is data in the bucket.

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Hi there @Branden,

I’m so sorry to the inconvenience this bug has caused you. I have added you as another affected member to the open bug report. While we can’t provide a timeframe on when this bug will get fixed, we will keep you in the loop via email once it is.

Thank you for your understanding.

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@gherkin and @Concierge I’m sorry that this issue is causing trouble for you. I’ve added you both to the bug report for this, which lets the team know how many users have been affected and means that we’ll send you an email when we have an update. 

Have there been any developments on this?  I’m having the issue as well.

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Hi @truss 

I apologize, but we don’t have any update yet regarding with this bug to share. Hence, I added you to the existing bug report for you to get updated via email once available. We appreciate your patience.