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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Cannot read property 'find' of undefined

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Error when reconnecting MS Dynamics CRM:

Zapier could not connect to your account.

Cannot read property 'find' of undefined



Does anyone know what has caused this and how to resolve?
Our connection being down is of massive impact 


kind regards


Best answer by SamB 9 August 2021, 17:02

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Hey everyone,

I’m very happy to report that our engineers have shipped a fix to resolve the issue! :) 

So it should be possible to connect to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 accounts again now. That said, if you’re still running into issues connecting, the best thing to do will be to get in touch with our Support Team using the Get Help form. They will be able to look into your Zaps and assist further.

Same, add us to the list!

Same problem for us - Please add us to the list as well!

Hello, please add me to the list of affected users. Cheers,

@nicksimard Can we please be added as an affected user? We have run into this issue over the past several days.

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Are there any updates on solving this bug? It has been more than 15 days now.


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We're experiencing the same problem too. Could you add us to the list of affected users too? Like to get an alert when fixed. 

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Hey everyone!

Our engineers are making progress on this but unfortunately I still don’t have a time estimate that I can give here. I fully appreciate the need for answers but I don’t have any further details to share right now.

@AusIMM and @NandanMiri I’ve added you to the list of affected users. @Joseph.winters@mishkabear@mgonzales and @JLavigne it looks like you’ve already been added. We will alert you all by email as soon as it’s fixed.

In the meantime, I’m sorry again for all the trouble caused here. I realise that until this issue has been resolved none of your Microsoft Dynamics Zaps will be working and can only imagine how frustrating this must be. As soon as we get some further information we’ll post a further update in this thread.

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Same issue for us.  This will be the end of Zapier for us if they don’t fix this very soon.

I am also facing same issue with my Dynamics CRM Connection . Pleas find the Screenshot attached





Please add me and my company to the list of users that need to be updated on this issue. This has effected us as we cannot get out leads generated to our system for our admissions representatives to reach out to students looking go to school

Same problem here, please add us to the list.

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We are now forced to look for a new solution, can’t keep waiting without ETA. Half-month outage (and counting) is not commercially sustainable neither for us nor for our customers.

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@SamB , 


I do not understand why you cannot provide something for us. Zapier is making my technology team look like they cannot provide a solution, and its disrupting our whole business. 

ARE ZAPS ARE NOW AUTOMATICALLY TURNING OFF DUE TO ERRORS. Leads are not coming through. I have dozens of sales reps that hang within the balance of receiving that lead in CRM, and here we are almost 2-½ weeks in and I cannot give my company a solution, nor a date of when the issue is going to be fixed. 

Zapier needs to share with us the root cause of the issue. At the very least so that the meetings I go into, I’m not getting my ass handed to me. Is this a direct Microsoft issue? Did something update and it break? Have your team of developers give us something we can paint a picture around so that myself and others in my same shoes know whats going on, or at least know that the problem is to be blamed on Microsofts side or Zapiers side. 

I need to know. 

Additionally, its really important for me to understand whats going to happen with the errored data once you fix this? I have thousands of errors generated at this point, from 30+ zaps using the CRM integration. Does this mean that your system will re-run the errored data so that our systems then receive what they needed to receive? Or is this data a lost cause at this point? 

@SamB  please have someone reach out to me directly. We have hundreds of zaps driving so many parts of our business, and with a huge issue like this I feel as though I’m paying for a dumpster fire. 

I now am in the process of playing 911, going into all my zaps, duplicating and eliminating the CRM steps, so at the very least other things can continue to work. 

An absolute horrible waste of time and scary situation to now be in. 

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Hey everyone!

Very sorry for all the continued disruption caused to your businesses and Zaps while this bug is still at large. We’re still working on a fix for this issue right now and I’m unable to provide an ETA on when it will be sorted. I realise this isn’t ideal but we will be keeping you posted with any further updates as and when they happen, so please do keep an eye out in this thread! 

@GM-Axiell, @Yaron Oved, @Derrick Turner, @MCMarvel, @SMWysiwyg and @robynh I’ve added you all to the list of affected users too. We’ll notify you by email as soon as it’s resolved. 

@user82929 I’m so glad to hear you were able to get a solution, even if it means you’re no longer using Zapier.

@robynh, once the bug has been resolved if you reach out to our Support Team, via the Get Help form, I’m sure they will be happy to extend the Free trial for you. :)
I really hope we have some good news to share on this soon! Thank you all for bearing with us in the meantime.   

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Please add me to this ticket - I’ve just been tasked with investigating Zapier using a free trial and all the zaps we want to try are using Dynamics. Will be very frustrating to waste any of this trial if we can’t do anything…!

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The problem with is that you cant Update a record in Dynamics only Search or Add.

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@MCMarvel this dudes have dynamics integration an this ones also, we recomend zapier for our clients, now its a shame.. we paid just to use dynamics and 15 days paying without a serviceincredible.

Thanks for the heads up! I just switched over to and got everything up and working in about an hour. Bonus: the Dynamics connection is available in their free plan. You just saved us $15/mo. ;)

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It appears Zapier has decided to no longer reply with anything useful. It really does feel like a major issue here, if a sizeable company like Zapier is unable to resolve this with another sizeable company such as Microsoft, within a few days. But I guess Dynamics is a small subset of users. But what if this problem was with Google Sheets, or some other widely used connector - doubt it would have taken this long to resolve.

The communication from Zapier thus far has/is extremely poor - now is the time for them to be more transparent than ever - but they’re not, so on to my question then…..

I’d like ask the community what alternative automation providers are being considered. I’m struggling to find another platform that works with Google Sheets (new or updated row) with Dynamics to create or update a record.

Cheers - Steve

Hi! Also receiving the same error.

Could you please @nicksimard  add me to the list of affected users? 

Thank you in advance! 

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@MCMarvel this dudes have dynamics integration an this ones also, we recomend zapier for our clients, now its a shame.. we paid just to use dynamics and 15 days paying without a serviceincredible.

Add me as well.

This is affecting our biggest client and we do not know what to do any more, only solution is starting to use another automation tool.

14 days out is unacceptable.


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Same issue. Please add to the list of affected user.


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It has been 14 days since this was first reported. Could a status update be posted to this thread? Absent at least a rough estimate for when this will be fixed (days, weeks, years?), I’m left with nothing to tell my management and will thus likely be asked to source an alternative vendor. I don’t want to source an alternative, but without some ETA, I’m not going to be left with a choice in the matter. 


Zapier is not making me happier at the moment. 

Please add me as well.