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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Cannot read property 'find' of undefined

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Please add me as well. 

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Hey everyone! 

@user82929, I’m really sorry that you’re still being affected by this bug. I can see how this is a major blocker for your workflows with Microsoft Dynamics and can totally understand the frustration this causes.

I’m unable to share any details on the exact cause of the issue or provide an ETA on when it will be resolved. Please know that this is a high priority for us and our engineers are working on a fix for this. 

@yaellavian, @Kayzrx8, @EleanorBowman@Rasika, @xRMJoel and @andrea.nego - We’ve added you all to the list of affected users as well.

Thank you all for your patience here, I know how badly this issue is affecting your businesses at the moment. I wish I had better news to share right now but we’ll definitely keep you all informed by email and will post any updates on the thread here too. Hopefully we’ll have some good news to share on this very soon! :)

Please add me as well. It’s very urgent for us to fix this.

Please add me to this ticket...its urgent :point_up_tone1:

I am having the same problem. Please add me to the list


Please add me to the list of the affected users. What is the ETA here?

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Hey @Melvin,

Sorry you’re running into the same issue here. I’ve added you to the list of affected users so we will send you an email once it’s been fixed. We’ll also be posting an update on this thread to confirm it’s been resolved. :)

Is this a week out, month out ? Need some sort of timeline to determine what we need to do in the meantime.

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Please update, it is on critical path for us, thank you

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This is unreal. Can we at least get a status report or some additional details on what the issue is and why it’s taking so long? As others have said, this is crippling sales and marketing. Down for a day or two? Okay, that sucks. But down for this long? Totally unacceptable. At this point I can no longer champion Zapier as I have in the past, have no choice but to assume that this issue will never be fixed, and will be forced to approve a different tool for our CRM connection. Please give me something to indicate otherwise. I need ammo for my next meeting.

Please add me as well, same issue @chdiver 


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Please add me to the affected list as well. The zap has paused and I cant turn it back on due to this issue.  Can you provide some sort of rough ETA?  We are using this to sync our crm with our marketing company's HubSpot account. Manually entering the data is getting cumbersome.

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Hi @Chris Trygstad!

I’ve added you to the list. As Sam mentioned above, we’ll send an email and also update this thread when the issue has been resolved!

Please mark me as impacted by this as well. We just signed up for Zapier, really frustrating to see this bug is blocking my ability to setup Zaps for our Dynamics CRM.

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Hey @Melvin,

Sorry you’re running into the same issue here. I’ve added you to the list of affected users so we will send you an email once it’s been fixed. We’ll also be posting an update on this thread to confirm it’s been resolved. :)

I have the same problem. Can you add me to the list of affected users? Thanks!

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Hi @Ben Wood @David Trace @Lorna,

I’ve added you all as affected users. When the issue has been resolved, we’ll send you an email notification.

@Joseph.winters I completely understand your frustration! I would be equally as impatient if I were in your shoes. I can see on my end that it’s a high priority issue, and I’ve brought attention to this Community thread with our engineering team. I really do hope that we get this one taken care of sooner than later, for everyone’s sake!

En mi caso aún no me han solucionado, y esto representa perdidas de dinero a la empresa, a ustedes le han dado algún upgrade al respecto

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Where are we at with this? We have sales departments unable to execute on leads. We have had to stop advertise spending due to this. It’s really killing us.  Seems like we can get a quicker response getting added to the notification list rather than just a solution. 

There really has to be a way to prevent something like this in the future. Its completely unfair that premium paying users are experiencing outage for days, upwards of over a week for when the thread was created. 

I am extremely scared how many leads we are missing out on. 

Please, let’s get a resolution or fix or workaround today if we can! 

Dear @nicksimard ,


please add me in the list of affected users , i notice the issue yesterday and it is causing us real troubles.


best regards,

Hey support,

Subscribe me to the list as well please as it’s hitting us as well.

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Hi @Jbm Packaging @Dylan_HN @eastman @ScrossWA @Madwire,

You’ve all been added to the list of affected users. We’ll send you an email notification when the issue has been resolved. 

Hi everyone

It looks like this is bug that was discovered a couple of days ago. When some users try to connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365, they see the error message Cannot read property 'find' of undefined

@EmmaEmergo@Yurian and @Carlf, I’m sorry that you’re having this trouble with yourZaps. I’ve added you as affected users on the bug, which lets the team know how many users are having this issue and also means that we’ll send you an email when we have an update. 

Please add us to the list of affected users.  Thank you!

Please add me as an affected user. I have a few clients who use Dynamics to integrate lead efforts so resolution soon would be ideal!


Thanks all.

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Same problem here, please add us to the list. This is creating a nightmare for us. Please fix soon.

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As of early this morning, it looks like our existing zaps are now not working either. It’s been over a week. Really needing this to be addressed.