How to stop Outlook and Gmail emails sent via Zapier from ending up in client’s Spam folder?

  • 19 April 2023
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@mzerbib Ahh, thanks for the clarity here. I am glad to hear you were able to work around the issue by sending from another platform. 🙂

We are all happy that @mzerbib found a way around this issue, but can you address the issue or how to resolve the issue? Emails from outlooks or gmail sent through zapier integration are currently sent to the client’s Spam Folder rather than their inbox. How do we fix this issue without having to send the email from a different platform?



3 replies



the email notification is now sent from our marketing autmation platform (ie. Hubspot) after the contact has been updated with the a custom field property….

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Hi @mzerbib 

Thanks for sharing your situation.

@brian.ango23 - let us know if you have other questions.

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Hey @brian.ango23! And @mzerbib, thanks for following up here to share how you were able to get around it. It’s much appreciated!

Hope you don’t mind @brian.ango23 but I moved your question out into its own topic so that it gets greater visibility in Community, as that other topic was quite old!

That said, it looks as though you’ve already asked a similar question though it’s specifically related to Gmail:

There’s a number of different things that can cause an email to be automatically flagged as spam by another user’s email provider. In addition to the suggestions given by Brem and Nick on that other question, I’d also recommend reviewing the tips mentioned in the following topic to help prevent the email from being identified as spam:

The suggestions there are mainly for Gmail but a lot of them will be useful for preventing Microsoft Outlook from incorrectly recognising emails as spam too.

Hope that helps. Please do report back here to confirm whether you’re able to get this sorted! 🙂