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Outlook email sent to spam

  • 21 June 2022
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I’ve a Zap sending an email confirmation to legitimate leads (ie. who field a form with their detail).

This zap is connected with an Office 365 account from my company but all emails sent from this process gets into my spam folder as it’s marked as sent “on behalf of”...


How to ensure this email will not get it into the spam folder?



PS: I’ve tested with a Gmail account instead ans it goes to spam as well….


Best answer by mzerbib 28 June 2022, 08:16

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4 replies

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Hi @mzerbib 

Good question.

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer here as many factors go into this…

  1. Personal email settings
  2. Email provider settings
  3. Content of the email
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Hey @mzerbib! Troy’s reply definitely contains a few things you can check to mitigate this from happening, some within your control and some not. Question for you: why are those emails being sent on behalf of you from a different email address? Is there a way to select your actual email address that you are sending on behalf of, from within your Zap? With more information and perhaps some screenshots around how you’ve configured your email action, we can look into this further. 😊

P.S. I am wondering if exploring connecting your email via SMTP may help?


@jesse, I’m not “choosing” to send the email on behalf…. Zapier does, but in any case whatever the sending option (zapier or outlook) it goes to spam by default in our company network.

Finally we’ve decided to remove this process from Zapier and send the email from Hubspot our Marketing platform.

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@mzerbib Ahh, thanks for the clarity here. I am glad to hear you were able to work around the issue by sending from another platform. 🙂