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Google Drive getting 403 "We're sorry... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries" Error

  • 8 December 2022
  • 84 replies

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84 replies

Please add me too. Thanks for the report and the support!

Using this zap for my business, this zap activates a process that sends customer his purchase. xD I am doing this manually while problem persist xD

@jammer.solijon Please add me to the list of affected users as well

We’ve been having the same issue for the last few days.  Could you please add me to the notification list as well?  Thank you.

Please add me as well!

Please add me to this also, started happening yesterday, and has been occurring today also.

I have a plugin on Wordpress called   When I disable the “Traffic Inspector” feature then Google processes the request.  Something about the additional security that Google does not like.  So if you have anti-spam, anti-malware type security that is checking the request, this could be what is keeping Google from completing the transaction.  Try disabling stuff like firewalls and security temporarily and run a zap and see if that works for you.  Not ideal but a work around until a fix is found. 

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Not sure if I’m added but please add me to the affected list!  Half of our Zaps depend on uploading or finding Google drive files … 😬

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We too would like to be notified

Can I get added too so I get notified when its fixed? Thanks!

Please add me too!

Keep me in the bug fixing report as well, thank you!

Getting the same issues for the last 3 days as well

Could you please add me to the notification list as well? Thank you.

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Running into this issue since 12/6 as well. This is the entire reason we set up & paid for Zapier - can we get added to the list of affected users? It being the end of year means our team is stretched thin and doesn’t have the bandwidth to be checking on this constantly. Thanks! 

We have experienced the same issue for the last 3 days. We have had the same zaps working for years! We have found out that replaying the Zap can make it run successfully, but this is not always on the first try (+ you consume more tasks). Our organization relies on many of these reports automated by Zapier so this has been a headache. 


Could anyone also add me to the list of affected users, please?

Me too!

Hi @nss39759 

I’ve added you to the lists of affected users, and we’ll notify you via email once an update is available. Thanks!

Thank you!

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Same here, started two days ago. Please add me to the bug report. I am also affected by this issue

Same problem for me :/ would also love to receive a notification once this is resolved 

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Saw this same issue pop up yesterday. Could you please add me to the notification list as well? Thank you.

Same problem for me since yesterday. Replaying errored zaps works a few times, but it seems to have a time limit. Waiting a few minutes, then replaying the next one does the job, but it is very annoying.

Would you please add me to the list of affected users plese? Thanks

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I’m also having this issue. Please add me to the list to be notified once the bug has been fixed. 

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Hi @petrasb @Lumbeeindian17 

I’ve added you both on the list of affected users, and we’ll notify each of you via email once available. Thanks.

Same issue here, I'd like to be notified too. Thanks!

I have the same issue with Google Drive uploads, please notify me too when the fix is ready