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Eventbrite data being forwarded as "info requested"

  • 23 November 2023
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Hi everyone,

We have been using eventbrite with zapier since a while and its providing great help to our business. We have been facing an issue recently; it is not happening to any of the particular event but in general zaps are not forwarding the correct data to our app sometime.

The current flow of the use case for our business is when some-one gets a ticket from eventbrite zapier forwards us the details of the individual; we have been receiving these details at an api end-point. The issue in particular is that we some time receive data in text as “info requested” for couple of fields. I am not sure about the root cause of problem as it looks like maybe zapier not able to retrieve eventbrite data correctly or forwards it correctly.

Looking for a quick fix or help on this. 



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I can’t believe Eventbrite would push out an "experiment” that totally breaks lots of expected functionality.

My simple two-step zap to send registration data to a Google Sheet now brings in only "info requested", as others have found. Even the name and email fields say “info requested” - how can that even happen, if name and email are on same page as the registration form, and are required to press it and therefore trigger the zap?

Switching to per-buyer billing from per-attendee billing seems to have resolved it for name and email fields - but our events are restricted to one ticket per person max anyway, so why was it even an issue?

As for the custom fields data which is important to us, I now need a second multistep zap using the Update attendee trigger to find the relevant row in the Sheet by order ID and update what the first zap put there.

Why is Eventbrite treating its users like beta testers, unleashing “experiments” that break basic expected functionality? What's the point of having required fields if attendees can register without providing the data anyway?

The amount of zaps required to copy seven fields of data into a sheet has tripled, for each of our thousands of attendees a year. And now I have to work out how to correct hundreds of rows of duff “Info Requested” and nulls.

This just seems a bizarre way to treat users.

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Hi folks, 

Popping by to share that this issue has now been marked as resolved! 😁🎉

There’s a new Updated Attendee trigger available that will run whenever an individual event attendee is updated in Eventbrite. And should allow the necessary attendee details to be pulled through more consistently. 

Hope that helps. If you run into any issues in using that new trigger please let us know. In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡

Hi Guys  it did not work :((((

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I’m glad I found this post because this is such a frustrating experience! I’m glad I’m at least not the only one.

Similar to @jamesmacwhite, we first started having issues when they switched to optional questions on the next page. We were able to “solve” it similarly with a delay (not foolproof, but close enough). We did complain about the change to Eventbrite free support, but I doubt it went anywhere.

I have been seeing a couple things coming in as “Info Requested” in the last couple months that I hadn’t noticed before and I was figuring it was some weird timeout or something. But I went to test one of our new events by registering today and saw that Place Order was before the required attendee questions, and knew that this must be causing that issue.

I have also complained to Eventbrite support about this and asked about switching back, but they said they couldn’t (we’re probably not important enough to get that as an option). @ModularJack did they actually turn this off for you, or just say that they would?

I’m so tired of these large companies who think they can do whatever they want and break existing (good) features all the time with no regard for their customers. It’s not that complicated to think about all the different companies that are using your platform and realize that they probably all have somewhat unique goals. Maybe instead of forcing everyone to switch to do it your way, provide options for different people, so each organization can decide what way works best for them!

I guess we’ll have to start looking for a new platform because having these required fields before payment is received is necessary for us. Anyone have any suggestions so far? I did look around back when the optional questions change came out, but the things that I found had other issues, so we decided to stick with Eventbrite even with that change at that point, but this is severe enough that we may need to switch (if they don’t turn it off).

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Update: The Info Requested issue has been resolved for us due to Eventbrite reverting our event back to the original checkout process. Our event is now collecting all of the data we require at for each attendee at the time of purchase. Zapier and all of our automation is working well again as well as other dependent biz processes.

@zap500 Confirmed, we are on the old version. They can switch it back if they choose.

@jamesmacwhite interesting note about the noindex… 

Takeaways from my discussions with Eventbrite on this issue:

  1. Lots of organizers (they call us “creators”) are unhappy with this change for various reasons.
  2. Eventbrite’s own employees (sales managers, support, etc) either didn’t understand the extent of this new product change or were entirely unaware of the affect it would have.
  3. Eventbrite is actively assessing how to move forward given this unexpected level of dissatisfied users/customers

I will say that our service level has been good (we are in the commercial tier now but ran 30+ events since 2007 in the free tier) and Eventbrite has been quick to work through and resolve our issues (we also had issues with webhooks not working which is also now resolved).

Lastly I’ll say that they seem to really want this change to stick. We put a lot of pressure on and made it clear that this process will not work for our business. They did change things back for us but were unable to guarantee that it will stay that way.

I recommend that everyone continues to let Eventbrite know how they feel on this. The CEO is on LinkedIn and other places. I’d send her a connection request and drop her a short note (maybe link to this forum). 

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It confirms my thoughts regarding who they care about by @ModularJack posting what commericial support really is, that depending on who you are, they offer different experiences or support. Free event organisers get thrown to the bottom and my case I opened has yet to receive any formal response.

Regardless, we are long term looking to replace Eventbrite given this situation. Even if they acknowledge they’ve made a mistake and offered to revert us (thus far we received absolutely no response from them officially), the decisions that have been made on their platform have been increasingly disruptive and do not offer value to us. Equally paying £99 per month for the same service we had previously with no cost at all, offers no addiitonal benefits to us and is equally is a big driver too, given we are Further Education college and our budgets are a consideration as well.

I won’t mention other competitors because I’m mindful this is the Zapier Community forum, not Eventbrite support forum, but there is another Eventbrite like competitor who is very interested in this situation and would not be surprised if they start to look at engaging with Eventbrite organisers who are looking to explore other options on the back of this.


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As a customer of Eventbrite also we are also not impressed with such breaking changes either. They have been continually messing with the order/checkout process and without warning seem to be A/B testing this on events at will. The last change around optional questions required adapting our Zapier process to fetch attendee details after a set delay to ensure optional question data could be obtained given the new screen and the create attendee event in Eventbrite being fired on the ticket creation which is before that screen. Given this was for optional questions this was bearable and for the most part works well.

With this new process, any questions (including mandatory) are now not even possible to obtain on a create attendee event, given Eventbrite now sends “Info requested” on first name, last name and for email is copies the email provided on the initial stage. The info requested process is also frankly a massive problem for third party integrations, given that’s the data that’s now being provided to any integration. So now we have to check for the value being this to present junk data being sent to other systems.

If an organiser has mandatory questions set, they should be provided BEFORE tickets are created. Chances are if a question has been deemed important for a business, that’s why it has been set as mandatory after all.

This new checkout process requires a whole re-think and will need multiple additional tasks, likely with custom API calls specifically for obtaining attendee data fetching. There is also a further process given any question (even mandatory) can be bypassed and not filled out at all. Eventbrite now has a new process which sends a reminder email to fill in details to the main buyer email, this would also need a Zapier process and a different event to pick up this information i.e. attendee updated.

Overall Eventbrite clearly do not care about their integration partners and will continue to mess with their platform to increase tickets and orders without caring about what organisers actually need. There has been no consultation or opt-in. It’s get A/B tested and live with it. Even on their FAQ they state you cannot revert, suggests others have asked the question already for it to be an FAQ.

I wish Eventbrite would reconsider this change as it’s really disruptive to many organisers. I feel for Zapier as well, because they are going to have to deal with all the broken Zap processes because of this and it’s not their doing.

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Hi there,

This happens when one person orders multiple tickets and does not fill in the contact information for each ticket holder. Unfortunately, Eventbrite only requires the information for the ticket purchaser and requests the info for additional holders. Took me a while to find this on an Eventbrite support page. I’m not sure if there is any way to require the information. 

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I received a reply from Eventbrite this morning with a formal response and it has been escalated to the Project Manager behind the order form changes apparently.

However a rather worrying ommision about this experiment was made by Eventbrite in this response. It is only happening on some orders not all. It isn’t decided by the event itself, this experiment is seemingly selecting orders at random on ANY event. This means it could happen at anytime, but you don’t have any control of when it happens! How Eventbrite expect anyone to design a process around that frankly baffles me and just another example of how this change wasn’t thought through at all.

I’d encourage people to contact as I was advised to do this after waiting over two weeks for a response on my original case submitted through their help portal. I got a response with 24 hours, after copying my original case information to this email.

I have now discovered on an event that I thought was safe from this, it has been inserting “Info requested” data everywhere for orders which have been chosen to use this experiment.

This experiment needs to be promptly paused and the product team really think about what they are doing to their platform.

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I just spoke with Eventbrite about this issue and have an update for those affected by it:

We have run this up the chain with Eventbrite management. As most here know, this “info requested” issue is part of a breaking product change that was conceived last year and went live more broadly within the last month.

It’s important to note that this Info Requested issue isn’t just a delay that can be fixed by pausing integrations. The new checkout process allows tickets to be purchased and the required information MAY NEVER BE FILLED OUT. 

For reference, Here’s the Eventbrite page that explains the change:

Note, the page was published in November 2023 and there’s a FAQ that clearly says you cannot revert to the old checkout process.

After speaking with Eventbrite, the good news is that many of their customers are complaining about this change. I also learned that sales and support were blindsided by this change and were unaware of how it worked or how it would affect their customers.

This is a dealbreaker for our business. This checkout process change not only affects integrations, it causes huge problems for us including GDPR/CCPA compliance issues and other business-critical issues that were solved by requiring custom questions in the old product.

In the new Eventbrite Checkout Product, they actually DO COLLECT names and emails of every attendee but THEY DON’T share that information with the organizer. They use it to send email reminders to the attendee to fill out their information, which they can choose not to do! This is unacceptable for our use case as we need that data for pre-event analytics, sales, sponsorship information, compliance information, etc.

Fortunately we sell enough tickets on EB that they are listening to us and we have “commercial support”. 

What’s clear to me after discussions with Eventbrite is that this product change was not well managed or well thought out, nor was it communicated effectively internally to their staff. Not to mention the fact that no real communication around this significant breaking change was communicated to Eventbrite customers. 

All I can say to those affected is that you need to let Eventbrite know how you feel. They are a public company and customer sentiment and revenue count. Call them, email them, let them know. Clearly the management team didn’t understand the impact of this change. 

Eventbrite has offered our company the ability to go back to the old version. I’ve explained that it must be put in writing since they are obviously are having issues with customer communication.

Last, another deal breaker issue that we are negotiating on is the passing of facebook and google pixel data. Eventbrite is building their own ad platform and has recently stopped sending this data. 

Kudos to the Zapier team for their great support.

Shout out to our Commercial Team at Eventbrite as well. Though they were inexplicably blindsided by this change, they’ve been quick to respond and transparent about what’s happening. 

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I solved this by switching to “ticket buyer” in the Eventbrite “Order Form” settings. First couple of tests worked. Previously (and I think by default), the Order Form was set to “Each Attendee.”


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@jamesmacwhite Thanks for posting that email address. I will definitely send them an email.

That’s really interesting that the events are still selected at random. That would make sense because we were having registrations for a large event after November that wasn’t experiencing this issue.

I think they are probably rolling it out more frequently even if still randomly (because I’m guessing they were doing random testing before they published that article in November), which makes sense why I’m now noticing it with our two newer events.

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What I also find somewhat underhand, that FAQ post being the only source of official information is deliberately being marked as noindex from search engines, so it cannot be discovered by searching key terms like “Eventbrite new checkout experience”, making others who are searching for official help/support unlikely to find it, and ironically this Zapier community thread being likely to appear on some key terms instead.

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Hi there @jenoverholt,

It looks like our Support Team has added your contact information to the bug report, and I apologize if the workaround you found did not work.

For now, the best plan is to hang tight while our team tackles the bug. However, we don't have an ETA for the fix. As soon as everything's sorted, we'll drop you an email to let you know.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

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Update: We are still seeing the info requested issue at random. Eventbrite management has assured us that we would be excluded from this product update and the last 100 or so registrations went smoothly with no integration data issues. However, we had a registration last night where Info Requested came through our Zapier integrations.

This morning Eventbrite Customer Success is on the case and saying they believe this may be a bug happening at random. They confirmed that we’re supposed to be excluded from the “optimized” checkout process.

We feel for all of you guys. Eventbrite is/was a bit clueless about the impact of this change. If you’re experiencing issues please let Eventbrite know. They did mess up, but contacting them helps them understand and makes it more likely that this gets resolved in a good way for everyone.

@turner59 that’s great info that even Eventbrite doesn’t seem to know or at least didn’t share with us. We were told that they collected name and email but didn’t know where to find that data as it wasn’t shown in the order data. 

@TheCNM make sure you let Eventbrite know how you feel. They’re trying to figure it out, As @jamesmacwhite said, email them


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From the dialogue I have had with Eventbrite support, this may provide some further insight into how this “experiment” is working. This is in reference to your previous post @ModularJack around different support related to commercial clients. I’ve omitted the support representative’s details for privacy.

Hi James,

Creators that have contracts with us haven't yet been included in the post-checkout order form experiment, so I wonder if that's what's going on with your friend. If the creator was included in the beginning, that was likely unintended and the team likely corrected that. For context, creators with contracts have connections to the Commercial Team from when they established their contracts.  

I haven't heard of any self-sign on creators being omitted from the experiment, so I'm highly doubtful that the team will consider it, but nonetheless, I have asked the product team if there would be any room for negotiation. I'm awaiting a response from them, so as soon as I hear back, I will be in touch. 

Again, I apologize for this situation, and I hope that this appeal to the team will work, but I can't guarantee it. 

Thanks for your patience and cooperation. 


I am not holding out any hope for having this turned off, but we will be moving away from Eventbrite, that is for certain.

Again, to be clear this experiment appears to be possible to run on any order created through the checkout, regardless of the event it is attached to. Commercial clients aren’t meant to be selected in this as per the above response, but it makes it even worse for organisers, adding further inconsistencies to the checkout experience and data collection.

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Eventbrite Customer Success believes that we’re being affected by a bug which is randomly taking some of our orders through the new checkout process and therefore not collecting our required fields, despite the fact that our account is marked for commercial and should be exempted. 

@jamesmacwhite what they’re saying may be true. We are not technically under contract yet. We were negotiating our contract when all of this was discovered. So those under pre-existing commercial agreements may indeed have been exempted. However, even if that is the case, Eventbrite has been quite clear that they are unable to guarantee that this change won’t be forced upon us at a later date, even if we do sign a commercial agreement. 

@TheCNM we are looking at several replacements. looks like an interesting candidate for an actual EB replacement. Let us know if you find others.

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We’ve managed to get this working now, so sharing the workflow as it may help others.

The Updated Attendee trigger only provides attendee info and no event info, so of limited value.

We have added a delay followed by Find Attendee to then get the correct information for the attendee - a bit clunky, and means we also needed to update all the following actions to pull personal data from step 3 and event data from step 1.


After using Eventbrite + Zapier for exactly 10 years, we’re now forced to find an alternative supplier.  Eventbrite’s decision to change all users over to their “better checkout experience” has been disastrous for us.  It’s shameful. If anyone knows a good replacement please do let me know.

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After using Eventbrite + Zapier for exactly 10 years, we’re now forced to find an alternative supplier.  Eventbrite’s decision to change all users over to their “better checkout experience” has been disastrous for us.  It’s shameful. If anyone knows a good replacement please do let me know.

Make sure to provide your feedback to so they know this change is a disaster and needs pausing!

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I’m so sorry to hear that the new Updated Attendee trigger didn’t solve things for you here, @jwppers

I’d recommend getting in touch with our Support team so that they can look into this further. They’ll be able to re-open the previous bug report or open a new one as necessary. You can contact them via the form here:

Please do keep us updated on how you get on with them. Keen to ensure this gets sorted! 

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Hi @iungo 

Good question.

We would need to see detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured along with specific examples of the DATA IN/OUT from your Zap Runs.

I am running into this same issue, so annoying! Please keep us posted when/if you have a fix. Thank you!


Also, I just unchecked this box on the Order Form settings to see if that would help:


Allow attendees to edit information after registration

Offer your attendees the ability to edit the contact information after purchase

I *think* that unchecking that box worked. When I tried to register without filling in the form, it wouldn’t let me.


UPDATE - nope, didn’t work. :-(

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We tried to get around this by adding a delay (allowing time for data to be entered) but Zapier has already received the temporary data and continues to use that in the reast of the workflow.

If there was a way to make zapier recheck the Order and take the new information after the delay that may work

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After a Delay step, you would need to add a step to pull fresh data from an app.

Available Zap actions for Eventbrite.