Shuffle / Randomize order of input values

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Context: we create 4 different Instagram stories for one item with Creatomate based on the RSS input (which are received as urls. After that we upload those with a delay between each story.


Our problem: every time the stories are uploaded in the same order, would it be possible to shuffle the order? We know there is the formatter, however this only picks one random story/item (so there is a chance that next time it grabs the same random picked story).

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This might be helpful for your scenario: 


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@robschmidt Sorry that didn’t do the job.

Is there another way?

We need to go from


  1. A (url)
  2. B (url)
  3. C (url)
  4. D (url)

To > Function or Zap that randomizes >


  1. C (url)
  2. B (url)
  3. D (url)
  4. A (url)
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Hi there @HugoT -

In order for me to best assist you, can you please provide some additional information regarding the set up of your Zap (trigger and action(s) used)? A screenshot of those would be excellent in order to get a closer look and see what is and is not possible, or if there are any workarounds to be found!

Please omit any personal information from the screenshots. 


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@chanelle thank you for your reply

Please see below the flow:
Additional information: at step 4 I select the images i want to use for the 4 different formats; It is the generated stories (step 6, 7, 8 and 9 > they provide a link as output) that i want to shuffle for the steps 11, 13, 15 and 17.


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Apologies @HugoT as I should have clarified, can you please provide screenshots in a similar fashion to this. That way I can see the nitty-gritty details that lay within the steps you indicated above. 

Again, apologies for the inconvenience and hoping to hear back soon! 

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I believe these screenshots are the most valuable



Same for step 7, 8 and 9 (but different input fields leading to different generated outputs/urls

Step 11: (sending an email with the output/url from step 6) So step 13 has as attachment the output of step 7, etc… I want the outputs used to shuffle/randomize

Does this clarify?

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Hi @HugoT 

Good question.

If you are looking to randomize an array’s items, then try using a Code step.

You can ask ChatGPT for the code to do the randomization. (may need to be tweaked to work in the Zap Code step)




let Set = inputData.Set;
if (Set) {
Set = Set.split(",");

let randomizeArray = (array) => {
for (let i = array.length - 1; i > 0; i--) {
const j = Math.floor(Math.random() * (i + 1));
[array[i], array[j]] = [array[j], array[i]];
return array;

let SetX = randomizeArray([...Set]);

output = [{Set, SetX}];



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Great thank you!


Works well.

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