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Gravity Forms Connection error

  • 11 March 2021
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68 replies

In case you’re using CloudFlare and you are experiencing this issue, disable “Super Bot Fight Mode” and everything will work. 

This one works!!


We are trying to connect Zapier and Gravity forms for the first time, and we are also running into this same error. Here is the message we get:

“We hit an error adding your new account

authentication failed: Invalid Base URL.

  1. Make sure you click "Allow" or "Accept" on the permission popup
  2. Double check your Account has the correct permissions
  3. Check out our help docs for more information”

Can we get this issue resolved?

Thank you!

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@mikeguy sorry you’re running into this! I have added you as an impacted user and you will receive status updates via email. 

I am having the same issue on my side - please add me to the list.  Will we be notified when a resolution is found?

We’re also having this issue. Is there an update for this yet?


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That’s great news, @ARI!

Thanks for letting us know that disabling that setting worked for you! :)

Same issue, any status ?  The WP instance is set to auto update Gravity Forms plugin, so version should not be a problem.

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Hey @WURLIN, hope you’re well!

I’ve just added you to the affected user list so that we can be sure to alert you ASAP once the issue is resolved.

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Hi @Eyal,

Are you following this official walkthrough?


Yes, on other sites is work well.

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@john-rl You’ve been added to the report and you’ll be notified once we have a solution. We appreciate your patience!

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Hi @ibro and @ryan_blip!

I’ve added you to the issue as well, so you’ll be updated when it’s resolved.

Same issue here

I am experiencing the same issue.  Recently began migration of automations that originate in gravityforms and our initial setup worked then failed a few days later.  Unable to establish an account connection Gravityforms.  Please add me to the impacted user list.  Curious what other users are doing in the interim to work around this issue.  My site visitors aren’t happy with us right now.  Is there a workaround?  And how often does this type of failure happen with zapier?

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Hi @Jon Korn, I’ve added you to the list of affected users - thanks!

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Hi @SunsetSpas!

I’ve gone ahead and added you to the list of affected users.


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Hey everybody! I wanted to post a quick update here that this issue has been closed. If you’re still running into problems, your best bet is to contact the Gravity Forms support team. They can troubleshoot the problem, including to see if you’re running the correct versions of WordPress, Gravity Forms and the Zapier Add-On.


I seem to be hitting the same issue with the authentication failed: Invalid Base URL.

I was able to connect gravity forms to without issue so I suspect the issue is with zapier specifically.