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Facebook Messenger to Zapier integration

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Could you please add me to the list to inform once corrected??


Hello, I also encounter this issue, could you add me to the list?

Hi i have the same problem  Please add me to the list as well  THANKS !

Same problem! Would be nice to have a solution!

Please add me to the list, we are experiencing the same issue.

Same issue! Please add me to the list to inform as well! 


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Hi @Erica511 @Ren and @amit!

You’ve all been added as affected users.

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Hi, same problem here 😞

Having trouble connecting wufoo forms to fb messenger.  Please let me know if/when there is fix.  Thanks!

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Add me to the report as well when this issue gets resolved! Thanks!

Have you all ensured that your permissions on the facebook side are all set for zapier? I had this same error message with Facebook posting with a trigger of an Instagram post

Try this and ensure all the appropriate checks are selected for your page/account.

  1. Go to and search for or scroll down to Zapier.
  2. Click the "edit" button and look, does Zapier have permissions to see pages? It should look like:
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Appreciate the suggestion but that didn’t work either. I even set up the Facebook integration as well as the messenger integration and still same error message. Thanks though! 

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Hi @CottageCelebrations! Connecting Facebook messenger to Zapier can be tricky because there are lots of different permission settings. Could I ask you to please double-check that you’ve run through everything in these guides:

Getting Started with Facebook Messenger

Common problems with Facebook Messenger 

If you’re still having problems connecting to FB Messenger then the best next step is to get in touch with the Support Team using the Get Help form:


If you are specifically seeing the error message:


(#100) Object does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permission or reviewable feature, or does not support this operation. This endpoint requires the 'pages_read_engagement' permission or the 'Page Public Content Access' feature or the

Then you can either let the Support Team know or reply here and we’ll add you to the bug report. Thanks!

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@czach21 and @Schizzo I’ve added you to the bug report. Thanks! 

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Hey folks! We are waiting on an update to this bug, but I wanted to clarify a couple of things.

There can be lots of different reasons why you might have trouble connecting Zapier to Facebook messenger. This thread refers to a specific error seen in the New Message sent to Page trigger. If you’re having trouble generally, please could you read through the following help guides:

How to get Started with Facebook Messenger

Common Problems with Facebook Messenger

If you are still having trouble connecting to FB messenger, please get in touch with the Support Team using the Get Help form:

If you are using the New Message sent to Page trigger, and see this error message: 

Then you can either contact the Support Team or post a reply in this thread and we will add you to the bug report for the issue, which means that you’ll get an email when the bug is resolved.

If you are using a different trigger/action or you have a different error message, please check out the guides linked aboce or contact the Support team using the Get Help form:



Please add me to the report as well, we are having the same issue

Hi there.


Could I also receive notification?



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Hi @Ren! Thanks for your message, you’ve been added to the issue 🙂

I have the same problem, can I be added to the report, too ? :slight_smile:

@steph.n  please add me to the notification list, I am having the same issue.

Same problem here when trying to activate the zap for email notifications for my facebook page new messages:




I’m having the same issue and have followed the instruction outlined in the two artices shared to no avail. Could you please add me to the bug report? 

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@jacobsheehan1 @GPF @nanavisitor @alizszente you all have been added to this report and will receive updates via email!

Could I also receive notification?Thanks