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Facebook Messenger to Zapier integration

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@QUENTIN - sorry you are being impacted! You have been added and will be notified via email with updates.

I’m having the same issue.. Please add me as well. Thanks!

Hello, I also encounter this issue, could you add me to the list?

We have the same issue, please fix it asap and notify us. Thanks.



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@Maudh92 @paweł @Jannick Schroeder you all have been added to this report and will be notified of any updates via email!

Please add me to the list!

add me as well

Add us as well smh. 

Same error. Is there a setting on our Facebook page we need to set?



Same error!

Same problem! Please add me thank you

FYI, we contacted Facebook and they confirmed that it’s problem on Zapier side. Please fix it asap because we don’t have capacity to contact all our Facebook leads manually, thus we are losing them.

Please check a screenshot attached:


Same error here. Please add me to the list.



Also affected!!

Please add me to the list.

Same issue. Could I please be notified when it’s resolved. Thank you

Hello! I am receiving the same error and would like to be notified when a fix is available. Thank you!

Hey folks! We are waiting on an update to this bug, but I wanted to clarify a couple of things.

There can be lots of different reasons why you might have trouble connecting Zapier to Facebook messenger. This thread refers to a specific error seen in the New Message sent to Page trigger. If you’re having trouble generally, please could you read through the following help guides:

How to get Started with Facebook Messenger

Common Problems with Facebook Messenger

If you are still having trouble connecting to FB messenger, please get in touch with the Support Team using the Get Help form:

If you are using the New Message sent to Page trigger, and see this error message: 

Then you can either contact the Support Team or post a reply in this thread and we will add you to the bug report for the issue, which means that you’ll get an email when the bug is resolved.

If you are using a different trigger/action or you have a different error message, please check out the guides linked aboce or contact the Support team using the Get Help form:



Please add me to that email list as well!

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Hi @amit @Erica511 @Ren,

You’ve all been added as affected users! You’ll be notified via email when it’s been resolved.

Has this been revolved? Because I’m still getting the error.


Please Add me to this email list for as soon as there is a resolution.  I also recommend posting somewhere on the integrations page, or in the help area that this is a known, ongoing problem, so people like me don’t keep trying to integrate something that doesnt work for days.  

Hi, please add me to the email too. Thank you!

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Hi @Ewa @Tyler Cooper @keithpeters_em!

I’ve added all of you as affected users as well. We’ll send you a notification email when it’s been resolved.

Please add me to the list, too. Thank you.

I have the same error. Help