Zapier can not catch visitor message on


you can see I can not catch the visitor message and whatsapp information on zapier, how to fix it?

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Ah I see, thanks for clarifying that @HARSLE

Ok, so it seems like the issue with that text field is that it won’t always contain the information you’re after, and sometimes it will have the message that you send. In which case, I wonder if this is happening due to the New Chat Started trigger running before the user has posted a message in response to the standard message that is sent?

It looks like the New Chat Started trigger has a Property field where you can select the property the Zap will watch to look for before triggering Chat Start events. I’m not able to see what options are available for that field but does it allow you to select the visitor message?

If it does, can you select that visitor message property and then run another test to see if that then gets the Zap to trigger after the user has sent a reply? I’m hoping that will then allow the Zap to trigger once the user has replied and send over the correct message. Let us know how that goes!