Time-tracking records in Zoho Analytics are being duplicated instead of updated

  • 8 November 2022
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Just wondering if I could get some advice. I’ve created a Zap with the purpose of tracking the time people on our team spend on individual tasks. The data is pulled from when someone edits the time_tracking variable and a new row is added to a data sheet in Zoho analytics. The issue I’m having is that there will be duplicates of time made instead of updating the already existing time. I have tried to use “update row” instead, but it updates the entire column to all be the same task with the same time and just multiple version of it. 


I’ve attached screenshots for reference, any help would be appreciated. I’m new to automation.


Monday Trigger
What happens in Zoho

So in this example you can see it’s created Webinar/Morning Tea Data twice and I’m not sure why. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could work around this?

5 replies

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Hey @MCW Digital Marketing ,


Is this happening with all the tasks?

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Hi @MCW Digital Marketing, welcome to the community!

The Monday doesn’t have a way of knowing if a column has previously triggered the Zap so it will cause a Zap to fire multiple times if the same column value is changed more than once. In terms of what’s happening on the Zoho Analytics side, it looks like a Find or create row would have helped you here; search for an existing row and if none are found then create a new one. That isn’t currently possible with the Zoho Analytics integration but we do have a feature request for that addition. I’ve added you as an interested user on that feature request, which lets the Zoho team know how many users would like to see it implement. I can’t say when/if the feature will be added and I did take a look at some information on Zoho’s side and I don’t think it’s currently possible for this feature to be built. I’m sorry about that. 


In terms of a workaround, what you would need to do is to find a way to tell the Zap whether the same column is updated twice. There are a couple of ways to do this, and this article outlines how they work: How to stop duplicate triggers from running your Zap


I hope that helps, let us know if you have any questions!

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Hey @MCW Digital Marketing ,


I am trying to solve your problem and i have a query, When you select Update a row action, do you see an input field update all rows?



Hey @MCW Digital Marketing ,


I am trying to solve your problem and i have a query, When you select Update a row action, do you see an input field update all rows?



Hello Jayeshkumarbhatia, 


I see “Update existing row in Zoho Analytics table” and in the setup action it asks me for the Zoho criteria. Would it be possible to Zap the data with a google sheet, and then from the google sheet zap it to Zoho? I appreciate you assisting with the problem heaps.

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It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on here since the screenshots show the Add Row action instead of the Update Row action.

The help text for the Criteria field on the Update Row action says

Enter the criteria based on which rows must be updated. If no value is entered in this field, all rows will be updated. Learn more about how to construct criteria:


Rows will always be added if using the Add Row action, as far as I can tell. If duplicates are added with the Update Row action, then it’s possible the Criteria isn’t set up correctly.

I believe you’d want your Criteria to be something like:

“Task” = ‘mapped_field_goes-here’ AND “Type” = ‘other_mapped_field_goes_here’

Though keep in mind you’d never be able to have more than one row with the same Task and Type as shown here: