"tasks" count doesn't match the number of tasks done

I have a Zap set up to save an attachment to a specific folder. I have noticed that my tasks limit runs out way before I expect it to. The way it works is this: every time I send an invoice, my invoicing software auto bcc’s it to me. When Zapier sees the attachment (always subject beginning “Invoice: xxx”), it saves it. 

This month, I’ve issued 17 invoices. So why does Zapier tell me that the Zap’s been activated 32 times? How can I check exactly what it’s done, to troubleshoot?

Alternatively,  I could change the trigger – but how do i tell it to look out for any PDF attachment with a three digit number? My invoices are, for example, just called 852.pdf, and I can’t change that.


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Hi there @els76uk,

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Before we dig deeper into this, would you mind sharing a detailed screenshot of how your Zap is configured for me to take a closer look? Also, please include the “Action” section of the action step in your Zap.

Please don't include personal information in the screenshot, or be sure blur out any personal information.

Thanks! 😊

Thanks @ken.a for your very quick reply, and the welcome.

I just updated it so that it only saves PDF files (I think that’s what i did , anyway). Hopefully the screenshots here are what you mean…please let me know if not!



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Hi @els76uk 

Good question.

Help article about how Tasks are counted:

Each successful Zap action is counted as a Task.

You can check your Zap Runs history details to see more info: