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Send message with Gmail to labelled contacts

  • 17 April 2023
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I am new to Zapier and am only a basic Gmail user. I want to write a Zap that responds to a trigger by sending an email to all google contacts with a specific label. I do this all the time manually by just putting the label in the To (actually Bcc) field, but cannot find out how to put it in a Zapier action. If I specify the label in the Action’s To field the Action fails with invalid address.

This is for a small non-profit group so both the Gmail and Zapier account are free ones.

I have spent ages googling and searching the zapier documentation and this forum but cannot find the issue addressed in any way. Please help if you can.


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Hi @DaveP 

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

You may use the “Send Email” action step in Gmail to send the email. This action step has a field where you can choose the “Label,” like so:

You may also check this link for more information on Gmail:

Hopefully this helps.

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Hi Charie,

Thanks, I had seen that field but I think it attaches a label to my outgoing message. What I want to do is to use a contacts list label to specify the recipient list for the message. The field you indicate seems to require a Gmail label not a Contacts label.

My overall objective is to allow an incoming email, with a specific subject line, to be sent on to the set contacts having a specific label.  

If you know this is possible, please could you provide more specific details.

Best regards


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Hi @DaveP 

Jumping in to see if I can help!

Did you mean you want to extract the contacts list?

Also, what trigger app are you using?

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Hi Brem, thanks for offering to help.

This is what I am attempting:

  • Trigger is receipt of a message with a specific subject line in Gmail 
  • Action is forwarding that Gmail message to all members of a contact list 

The use case within our association is to enable interest group coordinators to be able to send messages to interest group members from their own email accounts via, but without needing to login to, the Gmail account. The contact lists would be centrally curated by the Gmail account holder. The subject line would be the name of the interest group. There would be one Zap for each interest group.

I had in mind that it might be possible to use a contact list label in place of an email address as one can within the Gmail webapp, 

I am aware that this has some potential for spamming. However the lists will be small and, if it were possible, I would like to constrain the sender to being a list member.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, I am possibly unaware of some standard approach to this requirement so please do suggest the obvious.. 

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Hi @DaveP 

As for the trigger that you explained, you can try using the “New Labeled Email” or the “New Email Matching Search” triggers in Gmail.


For the action step, what app are you going to use? You can check our apps page:

Hi Dave,

I have the same problem.


Trigger: I receive an email with a specific subject.

Action: I send an email. But they are different contacts that have a specific label in Google Contacts.


Is it possible to indicate that the recipient is a Google Contacts label?

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Hey there @Jesús Sánchez - 


I’m not positive that you can indicate within a GMail zap that they are Google Contacts, as Zapier treats those as separate app integrations. 

I did some searching, and found that Google does have a tutorial on sending emails via Contacts that may be helpful to check out!:


Let us know or if you want to keep troubleshooting setup together.