Same Trello card with different id (and fields)

Hi all

I have a trigger for an "updated card", and it retrieves a card with the attached_cards field (and “first_attached_card”) correctly. 

But I have a "card moved" trigger, testing for the same card.. Or at leas trying: both triggers retrieve a card, both have same name, same URL, but  ID and many fields are different, and the “card moved” trigger doesn’t fetch the “attached_card” correctly.

Any ideas?

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@ttdvd Let’s take a closer look. Can you please share via screenshot your full Zap set up, omitting sensitive information, as well as your Zap History data? 


I’ll show screenshots of 2 Zaps, being tested with the same card:

  • some of “card moved” with no “attached_card” info
  • Some of “card updated” with the correct “attached_card” info

Setup of the “Card moved” trigger (retrieving a card that has NOT the correct info):

Some more info of the card, please notice card name, idshort and URL:

Although the fields say that there is one card attached:


No info in the  attached_cards field:


(rest of the zap is irrelevant).



Setup of the “Card updated” trigger (instead of card moved), retrieving SAME card (same board, list, name, url), but with different  info (cards_attached)

SEE ID, name, URL… but different ID!!!!!!:


Now check idShort, shortLink..

it’s the same.. but the “moved” card doesn’t retrieve the attached_cards

I think you didn’t understand the problem. The “card_moved” trigger is correctly configured. I’m checking ALL fields returned in the “test” phase of the zap, that shows all fields of the retrieved card.

The “card_updated” trigger is correctly configured for the same card (same shortid, same url, same name, board, etc). But in the “test” phase of the zap, the rerieved fields are different.

My guess is that Trello’s API is returning different things, because “card_updated” retrieves a card (, and “card_moved” (I guess) triggers a callback to a zapier webhook, with the “updated list”, and some info of the card (old_list, new_list), but not all fields have beet set to be included in the callback.

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Hey there, @ttdvd - thanks for those extra details! It’s super appreciated.

I want to be sure to mention, it’s not uncommon for different (but similar) triggers to return different fields (in reference specifically to the attachments). Interesting that it has different ID’s entirely but you’re likely on the right track that this is what Trello’s API is returning.

That being said, I want to back up a bit just to make sure we’re getting the full scope. Are you able to describe the entirety of the workflow you’re hoping to achieve? It sounds like you have it configured the way you’d like but just wanted to confirm. 🙂

Let us know - we’re always happy to help!

Thanks Christina.

When any card is moved to a specific list, I want to retrieve the card’s “attached trello cards”, get the name of one of them, and insert it as a field in Airtable. I’ve been doing it for months already with other cards’ information (mainly the name, and works like a charm), but not with the attachments.

Because I don’t know the card in advance, and want it for ANY card, I have to use the (instant) “Card moved” trigger. This retrieves only a subset of the card’s fields, and although there’s a field that says “attachment: 1”, and “cards_attached:1” (or similar), a detailed info of each attached card is not present.

During my tests, I tried as a different approach the “card updated” trigger, and it does retrieve the information correctly. Not only does it retrieve the field “attachments:1”, and “trello cards attached: 1”, but also an “array”  with the attached cards info (“name”, among others, which is the one I want). But again, this approach is not valid as it needs to know the card in advance, and it’s not the case.

Hope this explanation helps.


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Hi @ttdvd,

You’re actually having more luck than I am. I was trying to test this out and I can’t get the attached card to show up when using the Card Updated trigger. 

I think your best bet here is to reach out to our Support team, since this sounds like it’s a feature request (to have certain data returned in the Trello trigger). I’ve done a lot of testing and experimenting and I can’t get access to what you’re looking for, unfortunately. 



Thanks for your answer, @nicksimard 

I’ll contact support.