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Rich Text trouble | Jira - Salesforce

  • 6 March 2023
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Hello everyone,

I’m connecting Jira to Salesforce through Zapier and I’m currently having this trouble:

I would like to import in Salesforce the text contained in the description box of a Jira Issue. I created a new custom field in Salesforce on this purpose, rich text type and full lenght capacity:

I can find the new field while mapping the zap: 


In spite of this, after the Zap automatically creates a new Salesforce case from a a Jira Issue, the text is still cut and not even formatted as in Jira.


Any help?


Thanks in advance



Best answer by SamB 7 March 2023, 11:55

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3 replies

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Hi there @UserNo! 🙂

That’s odd, it looks like the Zap is able to see that custom field and it’s character limit correctly. So we should in theory be able to send over the full text to Salesforce correctly. I’m wondering if the issue lies with Jira not sending over the full text for that field. Do you think that could be the case here?

Can you check the Zap History to see whether Jira sends over the full text?

And if you could send over some screenshots showing the Data In and Data Out for a recent run of the Zap where some of the text was missing, that would be super helpful as we can’t see into your Zap. Please remember to remove/hide any private information from them, like names, email addresses etc. Looking forward to your reply!

Hi there @SamB 

Thank you for your answer! 

Actually Salesforce looks not able to read HTML text from Jira, here are some screenshots:

  • Issue created in Jira
  • this is how it is imported in Salesforce:


Here you can find more details about Data in and Data out of a recent run:

  • Data out from Jira


  • Data in to Salesforce




I tried to use Zapier Formatter with the Convert Markdown to HTML function, before and after Salesforce Action in the Zap flow:

Either I’m not using this app in the correct way, or it won’t help for my purpose!


Thanks again!

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Thanks for sharing those helpful screenshots here @UserNo! 🙂

Ah, ok so the text is coming from Jira correctly. But the issue is that Salesforce isn’t formatting the text correctly. And you tried adding a Formatter action to convert the Markdown received from Jira into HTML but the text still isn’t formatted correctly. 

You mentioned that you tried putting the Formatter action before and after the Saleforce action. I just wanted to confirm that the Formatter action would need to be placed before the Salesforce action, not after it. Then in the Salesforce action you would select the field containing the text that is converted by the Formatter step. That would look something like this example:

That way, the Salesforce action would then use the text that was converted into HTML.
Having said that, I did some further checking and it appears that HTML isn’t currently supported with the Salesforce app. So it doesn’t look like it’s currently possible to get the description to use the formatting from Jira. I’m so sorry for the bad news here.

There’s an existing feature request open for the ability to use HTML formatting with the Salesforce app so l’ve gone added and added your vote to that. I can’t make any promises as to when it will become possible but we’ll notify you by email as soon as it is!