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New Saved Message not triggering for DMs on Slack

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@SamB Update 😂 It seems to only be working for saved messages originating in a channel (public and private both work). I can’t get the zap to run from private messages.


Best answer by SamB 15 May 2023, 11:01

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Thanks for sharing your findings here, @bwtobias!

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve split your comment here out into a separate topic so that we can track users that are having issues with triggering from saved Private messages/DMs here. There’s no ETA on when this will be resolved but we’ll be sure to reach out here with any updates. And we’ll email you as soon as it’s been fixed. 

@cesarabeid and @hduran - am I right in thinking that it’s Private messages/DMs that you’re unable to trigger your Zaps from? Let me know if so and I’ll get you both added to the new bug report.

Look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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So far it seems DM’s are for the most part working just fine for me. I was receiving some 502 errors, but I thought maybe it was just my Todoist connection. I’m testing fine with public channels, private channels and DMs just fine.

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That’s very interesting @petethezapper, thanks for letting us know!

Hmm, the bug report is still open but I do know that it’s being worked on so perhaps they’ve implemented a potential fix here?

If not, it could be that there’s some differences in the types of DMs that are triggering and those that aren’t. I wonder if timing is a factor? Perhaps it’s only triggering for saved DMs that are saved within a certain time frame? 🤔

At any rate, we’ll be sure to keep y’all in the loop on any news here. 

DMs are working for me just fine @joelgascoigne looks like you were having the same issue with saves (dunno if that was for DMs or not tho), how are you looking on DMs?

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DMs are working for me just fine @joelgascoigne looks like you were having the same issue with saves (dunno if that was for DMs or not tho), how are you looking on DMs?

FYI - Everything is working fine for me again with the Save for Later button.

hey there. curious whether or not this bug is still open? A bit confused based on the comments and looking to reactivate the zap that had broken a couple months ago

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Hey there, @Zimari - thanks for reaching out. 

I double checked and it looks like this bug is still open though this thread is specifically for messages saved in DM’s. Definitely feel free to turn the zap back on though as everything else should be working now! Just keep in mind DM’s may not be triggering. 

I hope that helps!