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multiple office 365 accounts and Zapier workflows

  • 17 October 2022
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I currently have a Zapier free account.  I have a successful Zap between a google account (G1) and an office 365 account (O1).  My zap executes when a calendar event is created in G1 and then creates an event in calendar for account O1.

What I want to do is the same idea, between O1 to another Office 365 account (O2), i.e when an event is detected in calendar of account O1, I want an event created in Office 365 account O2.

However, I cannot seem to connect Zapier to the O2 account.  When I build the Zap workflow, in step 2 and try to connect to the O2 account (type in a valid O365 account name (, Zapier just connects to my O365 O1 account and I see a 2nd active connection.

Is this a limitation of the free plan or a limitation of Zapier?  Not seeing any thing in help documentation.

Thanks in advance!



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Hi @1bird2 

Good question.

Try using a new/different private browser to connect the app here:

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Interesting.  However, when I open any other browser (Edge, Chrome, Chrome Incognito, Safari), I have to login to my Zapier account which is my o365 O1 account.  So, when I am in the connections ( )  page to add my desired o365 O2 account, it just adds another connection to my existing o365 O1 account. 


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If you are using Microsoft to login to Zapier, then that might be the root cause of the issue trying to connect other Microsoft accounts as Zap apps.

Might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support:


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Thanks @Troy Tessalone .  I have opened a ticket directly with Zapier.  I have no problem paying for a plan, but as I said, but my research to date has not come up with anything on this topic or scenario.  

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Hi @1bird2! I see you’ve been in touch with Jonathan from our Support team. Wanted to check in if his Loom video got you squared away! I’ll keep an eye on your ticket and circle back here once resolved!

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Hi @Liz_Roberts  - Yes, I am in dialog with Jonathan.  I received a Loom response and i have subsequently replied back to Jonathan with a Zoom short video of what I am seeing.  Thanks for the follow up.


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Hey there, @1bird2! Thanks for your patience while the team dug into this with ya.

It was a real head scritcher! 🤔

I wanted to summarize the end result recommendations that appeared to work:

The only other thing I can think of is that there might be another incognito window with the login cached. I noticed in one of the earlier Zoom recordings that two incognito windows were open, and it actually auto-logged you in to Zapier and you had to log out.  
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Could you try one more thing for me? Now that you have an email login that works, could you do a full restart of your computer and try adding a second Office 365 connection using an instance of a private Safari browser? 

Thanks again for raising this in community!