Help! Trying to sign into my hellosign/dropbox sign account and getting an unauthorized user error!

  • 14 February 2023
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I’m admittedly new to using Zapier but the connection I’m trying to make is by no means complicated. 

Looking to integrate my hellosign aka dropbox sign with my wix account so that when someone purchases a ticket, they get sent a waiver.

Signed into + connected wix account - check

Created the automation in the backend of wix to be able to select in zapier - check

Tested - check

Next step, sign into and connect hellosign account - returning error code ‘UNAUTHORIZED USER’ - 

  1. Make sure you click "Allow" or "Accept" on the permission popup
  2. Double check your Account has the correct permissions
  3. Check out our help docs for more information

There hasn’t been a popup to allow or accept. In checking the permissions, hellosign claims to integrate seamlessly with zapier regardless of the plan type…

What gives, what am I missing?

3 replies

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Hey there, @Mary Frances! Thanks for reaching out in community. I’m sorry to hear you’re running into this error. 😔

It’s likely you’re running into a bug but wanted to double check - do you have 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) turned on for your Hellosign account? Alternatively when you originally signed up for your account did you do so using a username/password or via Google sign in? 

In the interest of full transparency though, this app has 2 long standing bugs and knowing this will help us determine which one you’re being impacted by.

Thanks so much and we’ll keep an eye out for your response!

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Hi Christina! 

Thank you for the quick response, I appreciate it so much. 2FA is not turned on & I tried signing in multiple ways; using Google sign in, that not working, signing out & signing back in with my actual username & password. I even used multiple different browsers thinking it might be a Safari problem but I ran into the same issue using Chrome as well. 

I hope this information helps but I am also not married to using Hello Sign, it was simply the one that was said to be best for freelancers after researching multiple platforms. If you have other suggestions of platforms that work & integrate better, I am all ears. 

Thank you for your time!

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Oof! Thanks for being so thorough as it helps us narrow down what could be the issue. I went ahead and added ya as an impacted user on that bug. While I wish I had an ETA on a fix, the truth is this app is owned and maintained by the Dropbox Sign team and as I mentioned it’s a longstanding bug. 😔 We’ll definitely let ya know if anything changes though and be sure to update this thread. 

As far as alternatives, here’s a list of some of the signature apps we offer. I don’t have a ton of familiarity with any specific app but will say DocuSign is a common one and there is a limited free plan - looks like they include 3 signatures requests a month before needing to upgrade.

I hope some of this helps and thanks again for joining the Zapier community! 🧡