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Have Data as Multiple Rows in Airtable

  • 18 January 2023
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I have created the Zap below which:

  1. Takes data from phantom buster
  2. Splits one text field using the formatter
  3. Splits a second text field using the formatter
  4. Passes the results into Airtable

The issue I am having is that I want each value passed as a separate row in airtable but they are being passed into a single row under the respective columns.




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8 replies

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Hi @fergusga have you considered using our Transfer feature? From my understanding on what you are trying to do, I believe this may be a great solution for you!


Here’s some more info: 

Community article with tutorial

Help Center Transfer breakdown

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Hi @chanelle 

Good question.


  1. Action: Airtable - Create Record(s)
    1. Line Items supported
  2. Looping by Zapier:



I did try the line support but as the source has more than 10 records it was throwing an error

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Use Looping by Zapier:



Thank you so much. One follow up question, using the loop I see there is a limit to 500 loops, if the data source has more than 500 records how does this get handled?

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If you need to handle more data then try Transfer by Zapier:


For Looping, it will either not process records 501+ or it will error at record 501.

Best to chunk the data into sets of 500 or less.


What is the maximum number of loops I can use?

You can set your looping step to run up to 500 times. If you want your Zap to loop more than 500 times, contact Zapier support to be added to the feature request.


Thanks, unfortunately my source (Phantom buster) isn’t one of the available sources so this would mean exporting to sheets etc.

I have managed to get phantombuster to only export 450 results at a time so not to break the loop but the next issue I have is that Phantombuster sends all the results (more than 450) including previous runs.

A couple of potential solutions:

  1. I can have Phantombuster create a new export file each time but the name will change and therefore break the zap which is looking for a specific file
  2. Or is there a way to filter the data before it is passed to the loop to only include those from the last run within Zapier. I have a timestamp field but I would need this to be dynamic otherwise I am going to have to manually edit daily or specifiy the last x number of records
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I can have Phantombuster create a new export file each time but the name will change and therefore break the zap which is looking for a specific file

We’d need to see screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured to have context about this.


Maybe consider a different approach.

If you can export data from PhantomBuster to a CSV file, then you could drop that CSV file into a cloud storage drive folder to trigger a Zap. (e.g. new file in folder)

If needed, you can use the Formatter > Utilities > Import CSV option to help handle the CSV file contents.

Then continue with the Zap.