Introducing Transfer by Zapier

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Introducing Transfer by Zapier

Since Zapier first launched more than 10 years ago, we've seen you use automation to accomplish incredible things. You've created ongoing workflows that run entire projects, functions, and businesses in the background. 

But there's always been a piece missing: Until now, Zapier could only take action on data added to an app after your Zap was activated. 

Today, that changes. .We're opening up a new beta experience called Transfer](, a simple way to move data between apps, in batches, no matter what time period it's from. 


Transfer gives you complete, on-demand control over your app data. You can use it to:

  1. Manage large-scale data projects, where you're moving hundreds of records from one app to another. For example, you might use Transfer to move all your customers from an eCommerce platform to a new email marketing app, so you can manage customers in both places. 
  2. Backfill a new Zap with critical data. If you built a Zap that logs new leads in a sales tool, but activated it halfway through your lead-generation campaign, Transfer can grab those missing leads.
  3. Move data on-demand for ongoing projects. Transfer gives you a full view of all the data in your apps, and you can pick-and-choose what you want to move. That means it's ideal for automation where you need a little more control over what moves, when, like a project management process.

How to get started

Transfer is available today on all Zapier plans. It's in beta, so expect some changes over the next few months. And you can use it to move data from select launch partners to any of Zapier's 3,000+ integrations. 

To use Transfer:

  • Visit (alternatively, you can find Transfer on your dashboard, in the menu on the left side of the screen)
  • Click the "Continue" button and select your source and destination apps
  • Map your data to your preferred fields
  • Select the records you want to move and let us transfer them for you

We put together a full guide to building your first Transfer, too. We're excited to see what you build with Transfer, and thanks for using Zapier! 

p.s. Expert Zapier sleuths might have discovered a version of Transfer we were testing over the past few weeks 🙂 This launch has a completely redesigned interface—give it a try!


Really excited to add Transferring functionality to our arsenal of automations within Zapier.

Are there any plans to institute a filtering option within Transfer? My goal is to take bulk data from O365 Excel and update a CRM module and I would only like to select certain records that meet certain criteria.

Additionally, I would like to automatically trigger a transfer via a Zap - one where we can automatically using custom variables from the Zap to decide things like worksheet name, the cadence of a transfer etc. 

My goal is to automate end to end the filtering and updating process for this module and without these key features, I’m not sure it would be worth it over a manual import into my CRM directly the way that we are doing things today.


Do you think a future update could bring a scheduled transfer? kind of like a chron job. 



It seems that you can not map a value to a dropdown / picklist field.. Is that correct?  When I bring over records, I want to bring over the owner record, but the Transfer makes me select the owner from a list of users.  What I want to do is map a column from my google sheet to the Owner column.  I would also like to do this with other items, such as Name Title and Lead Source, but the only choice I have is to pick a static value.