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Google My Business Quota exceeded for quota metric 'V4 General Requests' and limit 'V4 General Requests per minute' of service

  • 12 September 2022
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Getting these messages for the past few days: 

Trigger partner failure: Unable to retrieve reviews: Quota exceeded for quota metric 'V4 General Requests' and limit 'V4 General Requests per minute' of service '' for consumer 'project_number:466514807953'.


This is not a problem withmy Zaps. This seems indicative of a platform limitation between Zapier and Google APIs. Please advise.


Best answer by SamB 24 June 2024, 15:30

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60 replies

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wow.., this erorr has been happening for the last 1 year.., and nothing has been resolved??

Crazy insane..

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I solved it by publishing without doing a test first. Once published I edited the zap and it worked

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Confirmed. Thanks @SamB !

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No, I am not. My customers get one to two Google Business Profile reviews per week. Hardly an extreme case. In addition there are only five Zaps in our account set up that are triggered by Google. Again, not extreme at all. Thus clearly an issue between Zapier and Google. It is similar to the YouTube issues Zapier is having.

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Any updates on this? Running through the same issue. I just started using zappier, and it barely runs once a week. I can’t possibly be hitting the API limit, not even close.

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Hey there, @Code4food! I wanted to pop in and see if you were still seeing this error?

If so, I’d definitely recommend reaching out to support as @MohSwellam mentioned. They’ll be able to dig into your logs and hopefully get to the bottom of this with you.

Keep us posted! 

Hello, my name is Faaris. For now, I am addressing it by conducting a retest on my ZAP :)

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Any update? This issue is infuriating.


I am facing the same issue. It seems this is a year old problem. As the project number is same for everybody, this seems to be an issue between Zapier and Google Reviews. Please guide if there are any possible solutions.

Error code: Error while retrieving: Unable to retrieve reviews: Quota exceeded for quota metric 'V4 General Requests' and limit 'V4 General Requests per minute' of service '' for consumer 'project_number:466514807953'.



@SamB please add me to affected user list. Really wanted to automate my business instagram posts to google my Business. thank you

same problem here and it is crazy that there is no solution to it.

Same issue for us

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Thanks for getting back to me @Dubs24

The error mentions “Couldn't create a reply for this review” so it appears that the error was only occurring on a Create Reply action and not on the updated New Review trigger itself. So it seems that the new trigger has indeed helped to prevent these errors on the trigger side of things. 

As noted previously the team are still working on preventing these quota errors on the actions for the Google My Business. If you replay that errored run of the Zap it should be able to run successfully now. At the moment the bug report still remains open, but once the errors are resolved in the Google My Business actions as well the bug report will be officially closed and we’ll send out and email notification and will post and update here to confirm. 🙂

@SamB @ken.a this is happening to me, too. I only just setup the Zap and I’m running the Test Step and getting:


Quota exceeded for quota metric 'V4 General Requests' and limit 'V4 General Requests per minute' of service '' for consumer 'project_number:466514807953'.


I have tested it 3 times so far, spread across 5-10 minutes. This definitely shouldn’t be a quota issue.

@SamB @ken.a if I delete and recreate the action exactly as it was, it starts to work, even if I only got the quota error message recently.

This was the ONLY Google My Business API call

It happened again on a single run. Re-tested it manually, without making any changes, it worked fine.


Can I please be added to list of affected people? I’m encountering this issue.


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Hey folks, I’m very happy to report that the bug report has now been closed! 😁🎉

The team have made changes to the way both the triggers and actions for the Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) app work. And these changes appear to have fully resolved the “Quota exceeded...” errors that were previously occurring across both trigger and actions on the Google Business Profile app. There shouldn’t be any changes that you need to make to your Zaps but I’d recommend ensuring you’re running the latest version of the Google Business Profile app if you’re not on it already. 

I’ll be closing out this topic now but if you’re still experiencing any issues please do let us know in the Community or contact our Support team directly for further assistance. 

In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡

I think it’s the same thing we’re now hitting, but it’s happening when trying to turn a zap on - we get an email with the quota limit hit for google business, and the zap doesn’t turn on.

It started with the zap not being triggered for a few weeks even though we had google reviews coming in. (that is specifically that the zap wasn’t triggered, rather than it being triggered and erroring).

Same issue.  It looks like my last successful Zap was on Nov 29th.  I assume by the number of people having this problem Zapier is working on a fix?  Is this a hover-in-place situation or something we need to do?

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Hi @gSchettino, I’ve added you to the list so we’ll be in touch by email once it’s been sorted.

For context it’s an intermittent issue that was resolved previously but has resurfaced. The current bug report that everyone is currently added to was opened in September of last year but granted, it’s still a long standing issue! 

The team have already released a potential fix for these errors that are affecting the Google My Business trigger and they are working on preventing these quota errors in Google My Business actions as well. It’s recommended that you replay (or enable autoreplay) any errored runs of the Zap as that should allow them to be run successfully in the meantime. 🙂

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Hi @Code4food , 


It seems you are exceeding your Quota limits. Google does have a very high API limit though so not sure why you would run into that error. You can read more about the API Limits here


This is in regards to Google Analytics, you can google your app if its not this one to check what are your API Limits

We have sort of worked around this now by duplicating the zap and running that one instead 😅.

@SamB Can I please be added to the list of affected people? I have the exact same issue. Thanks!

We are also facing this issue. Unable to reply to some reviews beacause of the quota error.