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Freshdesk to Asana Sync Issues: Zaps Not Triggering and Null Value Errors

  • 15 November 2023
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Hello -

Scenario: I am trying to set up a one-way sync from Freshdesk to Asana and have set up two zaps to accomplish the following:

  1. When a new ticket is created in Freshdesk > Add a task in Asana
  2. When a ticket is updated in Freshdesk > Update the existing task in Asana

Anything updated in Asana should not flow into Freshdesk.


  1. The zaps are not triggering
  2. Many of the Freshdesk data fields return null value

What I’ve tried/confirmed:

  • Test zap: I’ve tested setting this up with 2 zaps - all of which work in testing, but they do not work once the zap is published and a new Freshdesk ticket has been created (confirming I am not trying to transfer existing freshdesk tickets, only capture new ones and it is not picking those up). 
  • Zap history: I have checked Zap history and see no record of the zaps triggering and failing. 
  • Confirmed data exists for the null Freshdesk fields: For example, with this test Freshdesk ticket/record:  data exists in the Freshdesk ticket for “Description”, “Requester Name”, and “Agent Name”  but it returns no data (see screenshot below). I found this post from 7 months ago that indicates a bug for the Freshdesk integration - is that what is causing my incorrect null values? 


Screenshots of Zaps that are not triggering

  1. New Ticket in Freshdesk > Create Task in Asana
  1. Update Ticket in Freshdesk > Find task in Project in Asana > Update Task in Asana



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Hi @wb21 

Good question.

Help article from Freshdesk:

You may want to try reaching out to Freshdesk Support for help.



Okay, thanks - I had checked out that Freshdesk article already, but it is just general information about Zapier. I wanted to confirm that the issue was not on the side of how the zaps are set up. Sounds like the zaps are correct and the issue could be on the Freshdesk (or Asana) side of things. 

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If Zaps are not triggering then that may be related to the app being used in the Zap trigger. (Freshdesk)


Adding the update for anyone else that may come across this post. I checked with Freshdesk and they needed error logs from Zapier > I checked with Zapier and this is the response:

  • I've discovered that the problem of the Zaps not triggering is a known issue that's come up for a few of our users.
  • While a workaround isn't available, your notification is helpful, and we've proactively added your email to our bug report. 
  • No ETA available for resolution. 

I have had this same problem with no resolution.  Our last trigger fired from Freshdesk was 6/20/23 @ 6:20pm.  Support said there’s some bug in their integration that they need to address but why did it just abruptly stop working after months of being nearly flawless?

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Hi there @PrecisOnline,

I apologize for the inconvenience this bug has caused you.

It looks like you are already added to the open bug report with Freshdesk trigger not triggering. On the bright side, a member of the Freshdesk team has provided an update, acknowledging the issue, and they are looking into it.

I appreciate your patience and understanding.