Facebook Lead Ads leads not importing full name and phone number but it imports just time

  • 8 February 2023
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FB leads not importing full name and phone number but it imports just time in google sheets. First one is the sample I tested and it works but then when the real lead comes in it imports only TIME and not full name and phone number.

What could be wrong? thanks…


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3 replies

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Hi @MarkJ99, I’d love to help out with this. From the information you provided, this looks like it has something to do with mapping of fields, but I’d need more context to fully diagnose. Can you please drop some screenshots of each of your Zap steps? Be sure to blur out any sensitive information like addresses or phone numbers. 


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Thanks for sending over those helpful screenshots, @MarkJ99. Hope you don’t mind me hopping in here to assist while Chanelle is out!

I suspect the fields in the default test sample are different from the actual fields we receive when the Zap runs.

Do you have a specific form selected in the Facebook Lead Ads trigger? Or is it set up to trigger for all forms? Asking as unless the Facebook Lead Ads forms will all have exactly the same fields, I’d recommend selecting a specific form in the Zap.

To get the correct fields selected I’d suggest trying the following:

  • Pull in a new sample from Facebook Lead Ads that contains the correct fields for the selected form.
  • You can use the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool to help generate a lead (make sure to fill out all the fields so you can see values for each field).
  • Once that’s done head back to the Google Sheets action and reselect the necessary Facebook Lead Ads fields.

This should allow you to select the actual fields that will be present when the Zap runs and ensure that the lead is added to Google Sheets correctly. 

Hope that helps. Please keep in the loop on how you get on with this! 🙂