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Error: Unable to access Zap. You either don't have permission to see this Zap or the Zap does not exist.

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I have had a zap running for 7 months. Its a WPForms integration that flows smoothly, today we changed a field in the WP forms and when I tried to change the zap from wpforms, i get 

 When I log into Zapier I get a message about missing JSON data.



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Hi @adkgen 

Good question.

Make sure you are logged into the correct Zapier account.

only have 1 account. i can verify from both wpforms and from zapier. every thing is successful until i try and edit. it will not pull sample data due to JSON missing and wp forms says wrong account. but the form works and data is flowing

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Might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support:

ive done that im in the 24 hour hoping someone gets back to my wait time. meanwhile i have a work flow system thats not doing what I need


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Hi @adkgen 


Following what @Troy Tessalone said, this zap might have been created/owner by a team member (in case you have a Team Account on Zapier) and this member no longer is available on Zapier? Or was this created by the same account you are accessing? 

Only 1 account, only 1 user, I updated this a month ago with no issues, now there is issues. My other zaps using same credentials are fine. For the amount of money we have paid I would expect a little better support than just wait for 24 hours for a possible email

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Hey there @adkgen !


Thanks for opening a ticket with our support team.  I do see that Miguel did reach out on Tuesday with a suggestion that may help.  Due to the type of issue you are having here, you would need to continue this investigation with our team via email as we have access to logs that other folks on our forum would not.

Could you please give Miguel’s suggestion a try to see if it helps? =)

Just to follow up. I opened a support ticket. after the typical 48 hour wait, I was told to delete and recreate the WPforms connection to Zapier. I asked if this would cause any issues. Again after 48 hours I was told all it would do is turn the zap off and I would have to manually recreate the connection. So I wait until the office is not using the system and followed the directions. So I went from a working system that just needed some editing to  a system I can not use or edit. I had even copied the zap before deletion. But now when I try to turn on the zap. it fails due to authentication error.  I can not modify the step linked to the deleted connection, I can not even delete that step. I cannot view past it to even copy the steps and recreate. 

Also since noone can tell me why the ability to edit the connection failed. even though it would flow and the test connection links on both sides said it was fine, do I risk this happening again?  I am again waiting for mandatory 48 hours for support to answer me and in the mean time paying my web developer over time to recreate everything intime for monday morning work to be able to flow.


When this system works it seems fine but any issues and technical support seems less than knowledgeable. I received the equivalent of just delete and start over. all while paying $100s of dollars for a broken system.  

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Hey there, @adkgen -

I’m really sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been running into. I know it’s been a process getting to the root and we appreciate you working with us.

As you and the team have discovered, it appears you’re being impacted by bugs in the WPForm app. They did add you as an impacted user and we’ll be sure to email once a fix is in place. While I wish could offer a timeline when that may take place, as my teammate mentioned, this particular app is owned and managed by WPForm. I imagine this isn’t the most ideal news to hear and trust me when I say, it’s always disappointing having to deliver it.

I would recommend continuing the troubleshooting process with my teammates in support, as Ryan mentioned, they’ll have more insight to review logs than we have in community. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your candid feedback though.

I want to reassure you it’s heard and valued.

I'm confused. Zapier not allowing me to delete a step or make changes to a zap that is linked to wpforms, is because of a wpforms problem?  Once someone at zapier technical support did something. Suddenly I had a restored connection and was able to remap all my data paths. I just want this issue resolved.