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Error: "Team not authorized" error creating list in ClickUp

  • 16 September 2022
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team not authorized error creating list in clickup


Best answer by christina.d 5 May 2023, 02:38

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60 replies

Go ahead and add us to the list.

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Hi @GoFocalShift 

I’ve added you to the list of affected users, and we’ll  notify you via email once an update is readily available. Thanks.

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It has been 6 months and the issue is still present. Can there be an update posted to this article? @christina.d 

Hi there! I have faced the same issue while creating a zap. What is the solution for that?

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@christina.d and @jammer.solijon - I too am impacted. This is a slightly different use issue but likely originating from the same underlying matter: we have a document generation service that is trying to update a particular clickup card after the document is generated and is attempting to push the document to the clickup card. When testing, we get the same exact error message. 

Please add me to the list for when this issue is to be resolved. It appears that this matter has been going on for the last 6 months. It creates an unnecessary issue that many companies and small business owners are now having to find inefficient workarounds to resolve their situation.  

It would be helpful if you gave this extensive thread an update on the matter regardless of its completion date as this issue has persisted long enough and I imagine others will seek to either move on from clickup and/or zapier given that several alternative solutions exist.

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Same issue trying to set up a zap for a new task to generate a chat in chatgpt and then send a new prompt to chatgpt using the task name to then generate an output into click up comments.

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Hey ya’ll thanks for letting us know. I’ve added everyone to this bug. I’m sorry to say, we still don’t have an update or ETA.

That said, in the interest of full transparency, this app is owned and maintained by our partners at ClickUp. We’re happy to along pass your feedback and continue to collect impacted users but ultimately when a fix will be available isn’t determined by Zapier. I might recommend reaching out to ClickUp directly to share your feedback - sometimes hearing directly from their users carries more weight.

It was mentioned a bit higher in the thread but there’s also a workaround that was mentioned here that might be worth giving a shot:

Not sure if anyone else has discussed this, but if you create a folder under your workspace that you’d like to create the list into, it’ll work without the error. They are aware of this bug and are working on it, they told me, but this workaround does work.

We’ll be sure to pass along any updates we may here on our end but in the interim, thank you for sharing your candid thoughts with us!

Hi any update on this?
Is there a workaround? Can you add me to the list of subscribers please? 


team not authorized error creating list in clickup

@christina.d Please also add me to the list of affected users.

I have reached out to ClickUp and they have opened a ticket: CLK-254923 which you can track on their website. No word of when it will be fixed, I’m not even sure if they know.

This isn’t an issue with Zapier, it’s an API issue which is caused when GET request is sent to retrieve a task by an ID.