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  • 23 January 2023
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I have a zap as below where I have data from a Google Sheet either updating or creating new records in Airtable. As per the zap I have the set up of the Airtable to look at specific fields to look up but every time the zap runs I get an error:

You must provide either "Search by field" AND "Search value" or "Search Formula".

This is despite this being set up. I am brining data into Google sheets via the ‘importdata’ formula from a csv in a third party.



The Zap does seem to be working as new data is being added to Airtable but I am wondering why I am getting this error and if there is anything I can do about it?

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3 replies

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Hey there @fergusga! 🙂

That’s strange, it definitely looks like you’ve got values selected for the "Search by field" and "Search value" fields. I wonder if the Zap is maybe triggering before the information has finished being added into the “companyURL” column in Google Sheets. 

To test that theory, can you try adding some text into a new row in the connected Google Sheets spreadsheet (make sure that the first column you add a value to is the companyURL one). If it then runs without that error then we’ll know that the error was likely happening due to the Zap not having a companyURL value to pass to the Airtable action. Let us know how you get on with that test!

@SamB Tried as per your suggestion and that seemed to work fine this time with no error produced. Any way to suppress these errors?

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Glad to hear that worked! 
Is it possible to change the trigger column to the last one in the spreadsheet? Alternatively, this help doc recommends:

Manually triggering rows in Google Sheets

If you need to manually type information into certain columns in your spreadsheet OR if you’re needing to collect data for the same row over time and only trigger your Zap when all data has been entered, try using the New or Updated Spreadsheet Row. With this trigger, you can have it monitor a specific column of your spreadsheet that tells it data is ready to go (something like “Send to Zapier”).

Do you think either of those could work?