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Error: Failed to create a spreadsheet row in Google Sheets. There was an error writing to your Google sheet. Unable to parse range.

  • 3 November 2022
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 I currently have a zap pulling all of my OnceHub bookings into a Google Sheet. I’m looking to create another zap that updates the Google Sheet (Status Column) when a Booking gets cancelled on OnceHub.


Tried following the steps but it’s returning this error. Please help.




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5 replies

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Hi @Jahan ,


It seems you’re trying to send a value to Google Sheet that it is not accepting. Please screenshot the Goole Sheet step so we can see where the problem is 

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Attaching the Lookup Spreadsheet Row and Update Spreadsheet Row step screenshots.



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@Jahan thanks for sharing these screenshots with us! So, the issue is with Step #3 from your screenshots. Notice, for the “Row” field, you inserted the “Email” from Step 2. However, that field is expecting the “Row ID” field from Step 2 instead. Swapping that field in should fix that error!

If for some reason you continue to run into trouble, feel free to come back to this thread and we’ll continue to work through things thing together. 🙂

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Hi, Jesse.


Thank you for the solution. Worked like a charm. 


Just had one more question. Is there any way to difference a Cancellation by User from Cancellations by the Customer under the same zap?

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Hi @Jahan!

Looking at the information that comes through with the OnceHub Booking Cancelled trigger, it doesn’t say who the event was cancelled by. It looks like if the customer reschedules then you can ask for a reason, and you could use that field to let you know whether an appointment was cancelled by a user or the customer. 

I hope that helps!