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Maximum 50 rows with PostgreSQL?

  • 21 March 2024
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we want to use Zapier to automate a few tasks, based on the “New Row” or “New or Updated Row” PostgreSQL triggers. We’ve now read that these triggers will only return 50 rows with each poll – is that true? That would make it quite useless for us. Any tipps?

Here’s the article we’ve found:




Best answer by Troy Tessalone 21 March 2024, 17:20

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Hi @iamstef 

You may have to explore using APIs to get the data:


Some new rows didn't Trigger my Zap

When using the "New Row" Trigger, each poll captures the 50 most recent rows. That means if more than 50 rows are added in a polling interval (5 or 15 minutes depending on your plan), some data will be lost.

If you need to capture more than 50 rows at a time, you'll want to add them to your database in batches—no more than 50 records at a time every 5 or 15 minutes (depending on your plan).


@Troy Tessalone Thanks! I will check out what APIs can do for us.