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Zap from Google Sheets to Gmail - How to send customized mails to a mailing list in only one Zap ?

  • 16 November 2020
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Hello Zapier Community,

I am seeking your help on a particular zap I would like to create between a Google Sheets file and my Gmail address.

Let me set the context of the zap :

I have a Google Sheets file with information regarding the clients and the status of payment of their invoices. (See below)


What I want to do is to create a Zap in which everyday, at 8am, if the client status’ is “in progress”, then he/she receives a personnalised mail with his/her Remaining Amount to pay.

In my example, I want to send 2 different mails :

  • One to in which I tell him the remaining amount to pay is 100
  • One to in which I tell him the remaining amount to pay is 50

I haven’t been able to create such a Zap.

I could create a Zap that sends a mail to both Kyle and John, but that cannot be personnalised with specific information for each in the mail’s body. (see picture below)


Do you have any ideas on how to create such a Zap ?

Thank you very much for your time ! :)


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[ADVANCED] This requires an advanced Zap setup with a Code step to iterate (aka loop thru) all the records each day and only process those “in progress”.

Depending on how you’re collecting the payment, there are apps that can send automated email reminders for you.

NOTE: Most Zaps are meant to handle 1 record at a time, not bulk or batched records.

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Hi @Mathias_1! Troy is right that you can’t do this in one Zap without using a code step. 


You could do it with two Zaps that look like this:

Zap 1

Every Day

Google Sheets - Find Many Spreadsheet Rows

Google Sheets - Create Spreadsheet Row(s) (Create the rows in a new sheet)


Zap 2 

Google Sheets - New Spreadsheet Row

Gmail - Create Draft in Gmail


Zap one would take the multiple rows that in finds in your first sheet and will send all of them to a new sheet, 1 per row. That will trigger Zap 2, which will create 1 email per row.