Xlsx from Gmail to an existing google sheet tab

  • 22 March 2022
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I have a similar question to this post. I have done the update file and now have an xlsx file within google drive. 


I am wondering how or if it is possible to take that information and copy and paste that information and overwrite a specific tab of an existing google sheet. 


For background. I get an xlsx file emailed to me daily, I am not able to get it in any other form. I want to take that overwrite that information over the existing information in a specific tab on a google sheet. 

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8 replies

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Hi @josephlcox17 

Good question.

Would this Zap trigger work for you: GDrive Replace File


Thanks for your quick response @Troy Tessalone . Currently I have the “Replace File” I do have in place, I misspoke and said update file. 


With this is in place, I am not sure where to go next and/or if this is the right first step. 

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Here’s a help article about how to use Files in Zaps:

Try these Zap steps:

  1. Trigger: Gmail - New Attachment
  2. Action: Filter (for XLS)
  3. Action: GDrive - Replace File
    1. Map the file object from Step 1

@Troy Tessalone I have that in place, and the xlsx file is being replaced within my google drive. 


I do want to take the xlsx file and overwrite data on a different google sheet, on a specific tab, I have. 

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With the GSheets Zap, there is no action to replace a Worksheet.

There are actions to Create Worksheet and Create Row(s).


@Troy Tessalone Thank you. You are saying that it is not possible, is that correct?

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You’d have to programmatically find all the rows with data and delete that data first, which via a Zap would use a lot of Tasks and is not something I’d advise.

@Troy Tessalone Thank you for your responses!