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Wix store sale zap to Xero to create sales invoice

  • 3 March 2020
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Hi All, I have made the Zap that comes from a wix store sale (ZAP) to Xero to create a sales invoice. I have 2 problems that I need to resolve. 1. When a sale goes through it is only showing 1 line. So if I sold 10 different products Xero is only showing the first one. Obviously someone could purchase just 1 item or 15 different items. Problem 2, I need the sales invoice that wix creates to filter as an attachment to Xero, I am really unsure how to do this. Any help very very much appreciated. Kind regards


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7 replies

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Hi @Kimharper

For the first issue - can you show us a screenshot of how you have the Xero Create Invoice step setup?

For the second issue - sadly this isn't possible with Zapier/Xero.

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Hi @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu Thank you for the speedy response, we did ask for help from Zapier as the drop downs don't seem to have many options that correlate to wix. To us, anyway

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Hi @Kimharper

So, hopefully from Wix there is a field that contains the line item names of the products ordered?

If so, that needs to be mapped into the "Line Description" field.

Also, is there a "Quantity" field from Wix? If so, you need to replace that "1" with the field from Wix (otherwise it will only ever print one line on the invoice).

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Having a fair bit of trouble, the line quantity could be qty 1 or they could order as many as they like. So how do we create so that it shows correctly.Neither xero or zapier seem to be able to say

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Hi @Kimharper It looks like you were working on this with the Zapier Support team. I can see that we sent a reply that asked you to give something a go so that we can get more information about what the issue might be. If you’re able to follow the steps in the last email that we sent, then the Support Team will be able to look more closely to see where the trouble might be here. 

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Hi @Kimharper - We noticed it’s been some time since you received a response from our team regarding this issue. I wanted to share the answer here in case others were looking for it:

You are correct that this integration is publicly available, however since it is still in "Beta" status this means that the Wix team are still developing certain aspects of its functionality.

Currently, it does look like Wix isn't telling Zapier what the line items are - so if we can confirm that this is the case I'll be able to raise this as a bug for their team to investigate. To do this, we'll need to perform the following steps:

  1. Complete step 2 of your Zap and switch the automation on
  2. Manually trigger the Zap by creating a new record at Wix, which includes multiple items so that we can check what Wix sends to Zapier
  3. Capture a screenshot of the details of this record, so that I can verify it against the information we receive at this end
  4. Review the fields that Wix are sending by checking the Data Out tab of the newly generated Task History item