Updating specific cells when a cell is updated in Google Sheets

  • 1 February 2023
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I am trying to connect google sheets and

Right now i have a jotform that goes to a google sheet, and then the info goes from the google sheet to a board. 

i then have to enter other information on the rows in google sheets, that i cannot get from the jotform. 

I would like google sheets to send an update to monday when i fill those cells in, or make any changes on the sheet. 

I tried new or updated spread sheet row->lookup spreadsheet row->get board values->update multiple columns, but i cant seem to get it quote right. I need for it to update the specific row in monday based on the row in google sheets. 


Any tips or tricks anyone has would be greatly appreciated. TIA

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7 replies

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Hi @PHS Solutions 

Good question.

For clarity and context, please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured, thanks.

@Troy Tessalone here are how they are set up now. Thank you 

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@PHS Solutions 

I’m not sure you need Step 2 (GSheet - Lookup Row).


For Step 3, try using this Zap action: Monday - Get Item by Column Value


In Step 4, the Item ID field expects the Monday Item ID, which is a number as indicated by the 123 next to the field label.

Plus, the mapped variable for Name has “No data”.


@Troy Tessalone  Okay, i understand you so far. Ive updated those items, and i think I was at this point before, but then i started trying other things. 

When it asks me for the item id, it gives me options for the current item names in my Monday board, and when i choose one of them, when i update the google sheet, it only updates that item on Monday. I need it to update the correct the correct row based on item names. 

I also have the Monday item ids in my google sheet to try and see if i could search by that, but the monday column doesnt appear in the zapier dropdowns 

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@PHS Solutions

You need to find the Monday Item ID first (Get Item by Column Value), then map the Monday Item ID to this field in order to make the Zap dynamic:


That option doesn't appear on the drop down list for some reason to search by @Troy Tessalone

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@PHS Solutions 

You may have to use to the Monday API to search by Monday Item Name.

Reference this article: