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Trello Custom Label - New is always added

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Hi @smm 

FYI: Most apps on Zapier are built and maintained by the app developers themselves, and Zapier keeps an internal list of app requests.


Furthermore adding the Find label on board as a step before creating a card doesn’t work. We can’t use the found ID to add a label - it always fails.


The fact that this isn't fixed for so long is hilarious and sad at the same time.

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Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your workaround @viv123! I’m sure this will be super helpful for other impacted users and is super appreciated. 🤗

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Hi all, 

What I did with mine as a workaround was on my Zap in the Description field, I added/inserted the label field from my data (i.e Priority). Note that in my case I am using Google Sheets and only use about three labels, so you may be using something completely different and have more or less labels. 

Then, on the Trello board I created an automation rule that when the description of a card contains "Low - Can be completed after other tasks.", add the blue "Low - Can be completed after other tasks." label to the card.

This helped to automatically add the label to my card without Zap creating duplicate labels. I used Zapier to pull in the data to create the card and automated Trello to add the label.

Hi all,


I’m running in to this issue as well -- the “Add label to card” fix works great, but like Nick mentioned, it adds a task. My automation for generating trello cards runs many times per day, & since adding this step doubles task consumption, my total task count is gonna ROCKET. 


Just wanted to reply to keep this thread alive -- would really love to see a fix for this in the first card generation task so I can use those extra tasks in other areas. Thanks!

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Hey everyone!

Another workaround (not ideal) is to add a Add Label to Trello Card step and use your existing label that way:

So you would add the Create Card step and then in the Add Label step you’d map the board and card from that previous step here…

… like this:

Again, not ideal that it adds an extra task but it does get the right label added.


If you need to add labels dynamically based on something in the trigger data (e.g. if Product X is purchased then use the product-x label) you can use a lookup table to do that. More info here. Here’s where you would get the label’s ID:

And you use that in this part of the lookup table:


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vital functionality

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Hey all, we’ve updated the bug report to show that the workaround isn’t working, but we don’t yet have an ETA when this bug will be fixed. @PascalD - I’ve added you to the impacted users for this bug report. Thanks!

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Same problem

Please fix it !



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This is marked solved but I’m having the same problem and the workaround described isn’t going to work. I have a form feeding Trello and sometimes the form has one option checked and sometimes another. So setting the color the same for every Zap run won’t work.


The names pass but if I’ve changed those label colors at all, it makes brand new labels.


Please fix this! Should be something I’d hope!

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Hi @thekerbal ,

Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, this is a known issue. I can see that you’ve been working with Clint in Support and they suggested this as a possible workaround:

If you were to give the name "Shift Log" to one of the existing color labels, then assign that color in the Zap, it should work. So for example, if you renamed the existing Red label to "Shift Log", then picked Red from the "Label" dropdown in the Zap, that would assign the correct label.

Let us know if that does the trick and as you have been added as an impacted user of this bug, you will be notified just as there is an update! 


Moderator note: We’ve highlighted a couple of other possible workarounds in the thread below!