The module entry could not be sent to Zoho CRM.

  • 21 February 2022
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I’m trying to parse information from Gmail to Zoho CRM - Sales Orders module and get this error:

Unable to create entry in module: Sales_Orders. Error : Invalid data for the field product. Detail : expected_data_type long, index 0, parent_api_name Product_Details

I tried different combinations but failed. The screenshots are below. 

All works fine when I switch to Deals module. But it shows errors when I use Sales Orders, and the error is always about the product no matter what information I use there. 

Is there anyone who faced the same problem? Is there a way to solve it? Thanks.

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8 replies

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Hi @yuliia 

Please post the mentioned screenshots, thanks.


For the field returning the error, check the dropdown list of values.

Zoho expects the smaller gray values for a given product, instead of the friendly name.

hi @Troy Tessalone , thanks for your reply. please check the screenshots. as for the Product field - I just put some random information in there. But I also tried the actual product from Zoho and I tried to keep it empty (as it should be). I needs to be empty because I have the actual order in the body of the email I parse. And I can’t parse the product from the email to the Product field, so I have to parse the body to Description field. Something like that. 

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You have an email address mapped as a dynamic variable for this field, which is unlikely to be the proper value.


Try this…

Remove the mapped value.

Then click on the field to show the list of dropdown value.

Please provide a screenshot of those.


@Troy Tessalone thanks, I tried with different values and this was a random one. so now I removed all values and I get 

Unable to create entry in module: Sales_Orders. Error : required field not found. Detail : api_name Product_Details

But when I fill the fields I get errors anyway. 

 @Troy Tessalone so I tested it again and it worked with the test item added as a value + quantity (custom). However, that’s not what I expect because the quantity and the item names are in email’s body and we can’t separate this data from the email. and it doesn’t parse an email body at all for some reason. so basically Zapier forces me to add Product name and quantity even if I do not want to. Is there a way to avoid it? The idea is that our manager needs to add products to Sales Order manually since we can’t separate them from the email text automatically. 


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The Product field expects the smaller gray numerical values.

Trying to use other values will result in an error.

In Zoho, you may need to update the list of options in order for there to be additional options to select in the Zap.

OR you would need to use more Zap steps to add logic to find/create the Products you are trying to map dynamically.


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Emails can be parsed by doing email parsing, with apps like Mailparser:

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Generally, the behavior of what fields are required would be set in Zoho. Can you create Sales Orders manually in Zoho without linking to a product? If not, check the field set up in the Sales Order Module in Zoho to see if you can remove any requirements.