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Strava 'rate limit exceeded' when trying to connect account

  • 4 January 2021
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When trying to connect to Strava, on “My connections” I get “The app returned Rate Limited Exceeded” after reconnecting or testing.


Best answer by nicksimard 2 August 2021, 19:34

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30 replies

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Hey everybody! Just quick update to let you know that this issue has been closed. If you’re still running into problems, you can reach out to our Support team and they can troubleshoot things with you :)

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Dear Steph,


Thank you very much.

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Hi there @mahdikia - You’ve been added to this impacted user report. Thanks!

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Please count me as impacted by the Strava rate limit as well. Thanks. 

this is my user:


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Hi all, we have an update of resolution for this bug: 

We've worked with Strava to identify the problem where your Zap(s) would get a 429 API limit error at the end of the day (UTC time). Strava has agreed to increase our API limits, but they have a ceiling on this limit that, given user growth, we are worried we might hit in the not so distant future.

In order to make sure we do not hit those limits again, we are also limiting our two triggers, New Athlete Activity and New or Updated Club Activity to run every 15 minutes. They will still trigger on all-new activities, just at a longer polling interval.

We hope this won't be forever. We have work going on to implement Strava's specific webhook implementation, which would enable us to offer the Athlete Activity trigger as "instant" and give us much more room in terms of API limits. We don't have an ETA on this work, but we'll make sure you are notified when it ships.

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@nicksimard mind adding me too? 

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@nicksimard Oddly enough, my started behaving like keloe and hobbDa after a few days. And now I’m not getting any error message at all. Weird!

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Hi @mf_robert @MarineL @T.Vanderhoeght @Mathilde @Fishborn78 @coryawilson @Roguenet @jillianb!

You’ve all been added as affected users.

@keloe and @hobbDa Even though your issue is a little different, I added you to the report as well.

Getting the same issue as Keloe, the zap works after a while, but everyday get an email saying “Strava: The app returned "Rate Limit Exceeded".”

I’m having the same issue but it’s slightly different. The Zap works but each night, I get an email with an error saying this happened.

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Add me in as well. Hoping to setup a Zap to pull my Strava activities into Airtable so I can keep track of training progress. It fired the first time (during the test), but then threw the error.

Thank you!

I’m also running into this problem.

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Same here, please update!

Count me in!

The app returned "Rate Limit Exceeded".

Hi @Liz_Roberts I am having the same issue when connecting my Strava to a Zap. Please add me thank you!

Hello @Liz_Roberts I have the same problem while trying to connect my Strava account 

Hello @Liz_Roberts I have the same problem while trying to connect my Strava account :/ 

Affected as well

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@Jenik23 you have been added as well!

@Danvers and@Liz_Roberts I have the same problem. Thank you for your help

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@nayshice you have been added!

@Danvers and @Liz_Roberts please add me as well, thanks!

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@nerdyagarwal @tirwin @DBF you all have been added as impacted users and will receive updates via email!

@Danvers please count me as impacted by the Strava rate limit as well. Thanks. 

Count me in on the Strava rate limiting as well.