Pipedrive - round robin where leads are not distributing evenly

  • 2 December 2021
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Hi All, 

I created a zap to distribute leads across our sales team evenly through a round-robin. When I checked this on Pipedrive after a month, I could find that the lead distribution is not happening evenly. 

It is skewing towards a few sales agents, and some are barely getting any. 

I set up the zap as below

  1. I’ve Created a zap to distribute leads evenly across our sales team



  1. We have a team of 20 sales agent and have used the appropriate formula
  1. Added the IDs of our sales agents
  2. Mapped the owner to Round robin output


Please let me know if there are any errors and how I can rectify them.



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6 replies

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Hi @Exotel 

Can you please post more screenshots with how your Zap steps are ordered.

How is the logic for step 3 configured? (e.g. via a Lookup Table)

Looks like you are using a Storage step to get the current # and possibly a step not shown to increment the saved Storage number.

Hi @Troy Tessalone 

Please find the below screenshots on how we have set up the logic for our round robin distribution of leads

Step-1 is where the zap is triggered whenever a deal enters our CRM


Step-2 is where we have used the increment value logic where we used Zapier storage account and increment the value by 1


Step-3 is the Numbers step where we have used Formatter by Zapier and used spreadsheet style formula which sends the value to next step


Step-4 is the Utilities we are using Formatter by Zapier here where we have the ID’s of all our sales engineers, the value coming from step-3 is indexed and distributed to the sales engineer id in this step according to their indexing and thus the owner of this deal is selected


Step-5 is where the ID in the 4th step is pumped into our CRM again thus the deal is updated with the owner(in our case the sales engineer)

We have 20 sales engineers, but this logic is not distributing the leads uniformly rather skewing towards a few sales engineers, and others barely getting any

Please let us know if there is any error in the logic


Hi @Troy Tessalone,


This is the logic for step #3. 


We’ve also increment the amount by 1


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Hi @Exotel 

Instead of a Pick from List Zap step, try using a Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table:


We have 20 sales engineers, but this logic is not distributing the leads uniformly rather skewing towards a few sales engineers, and others barely getting any

Are Sales Engineering being reassigned in Pipedrive?

If more Sales Engineers were added after the Zap was originally created and ON, then that might account for the skewing.

Best to troubleshoot by looking at your Zap Runs history details to see the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step, which will give you a better idea whether the Zaps are running correctly, and if perhaps data is being updated after the fact.

More context would be needed about which exact Sales Engineers IDs are getting too many vs too few assignments to better troubleshoot.


Hi @Troy Tessalone, Thanks. 


I tried using Pick from a list. But I’m not sure how to  map IDs of our sales agents in the look up table. Couldn’t figure out what a look up key is either. I watched the video I didn’t quite understand it. 


Should the lookup table be the names of the sales agents and their respective IDs? 

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Hi @Exotel 

Article about using Lookup Tables in Zaps:

  • Lookup Key: the data you want to search for within your lookup table.
  • Lookup Table: this table consists of 2 columns.
    • The left column is where the Zap will search for the value that appears in the Lookup Key.
    • The right column is what the Zap will output if the lookup key matches the value.
  • Fallback Value: if the lookup key does not match any values in the lookup table, you can use this field to return a backup value.